McBrown English Thailand
18 Feb

What if 50 percent of our population is vanished..

Over the years, our population throughout the world is rapidly increasing faster than the past. As a result of this increasing number, there are a number of resources affected, as well as environment. But were people around 50% to be vanished, what would the environment and many resources be?

There are many resources and environment destroyed by the accretion of population. To illustrate, much of the forest would be logged to build accommodations and to develop the city, or beach and river would be fulfilled with a quantity of garbage from human beings. Consequently, the decreasing of population actually, though, do provide many advantages. Firstly, despite spending long time reviving the environment, the resources eventually have to be recovered by nature itself because the demand is decreasing due to the disappearance of people. And in that case, the population of wildlife would be increasing as well.

The second advantage why the vanishing of half of the world results to the environment is the rate of pollution in the atmosphere which would be lowered, for there are many industrial factories having been closed because of having no labors and the toxic air from the internal combustion engine is decreasing too. As a consequence, such problem as global warming would no longer be the problem of the world.

On the flip side, if the disappearance of some good people, instead of the bad one, does happen. The destruction of the environment would definitely occur by the hand of them. It is the worst downside being able to be inhibited by no one.

In spite of providing more advantages than disadvantages, I do not agree with such decreasing of people since it is not a good way to solve the problem. The best way is we must cooperate to protect the nature and to cultivate the future generations to be aware of the importance of saving our world. And unless it is effective, inevitably, I think someday in the future, we might be destroyed by the mother nature. By action the world goes, by action people go on.

Writer: Klongpen Wirakun (Toey) | Student ID – 60010
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