McBrown English Thailand
18 Feb

Convicted prisoners should not have better living conditions than those not in prison. To which extent do you agree?

Over the last few years, Convicted prisoners are tortured until they die more and more. This itself is not fair with them. The above leads us to deduct that the prisons and jails are reformed. Although people will violate or break a law but those who detained should not face with suffering in the prison. In my opinion, Living conditions in the prison is one very complex issue to be solved by the combined efforts of the government and department of corrections.

To begin with, An individual has to be responsible for their offense. The prison sentence is the sanction. It deprives someone of freedom of movement which are the inevitable consequences of imprisonment. Prisoner who seriously offend are isolated in small room for 20-23 hours per day, They are allowed to be out only for shower, medical visits as well as denied calls from family members and their family cannot visit them. Studies show that prisoner held in long time solitary limitation suffer from pressure, anxiety, paranoia and deep depression. Therefore, Prison conditions should not be an addition punishment, Convicted prisoners should not be tortured or attacked.

Many prisons in the globe are coping with maximum occupancy rate of prisoners such as China, India and Thailand, which results in violence, higher rates of death in prison, lack of healthcare and low rehabilitative opportunities. This itself is the result of ineffective punishment of criminal justice systems. Another important aspect of this is that prisoners who experience punitive conditions and mistreatment, They have worse state of physical and mental health than when they entered. On the flip side, Convicted prisoners in good conditions will be more willing and able to respond to rehabilitation programs. Consequently, These problems should be tackled with the collaboration of the states along with department of corrections to ensure that prisoners are treated humanly. This includes providing food, water and healthcare.

To sum up, Although many prisons will not be as comfortable as outside but there is no reason to allow convicted prisoners suffering inside. Good conditions prison creates a positive mentality among the prisoners. They lead to back into society easily. Therefore I am not agree prisoners have poor living conditions in prison.


Writer: Phatchara Teekakul (Mind)
Time spent: 2 hours
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