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25 Feb

Denying health insurance because of pre-existing conditions violates human rights. To which extent do you agree?

Over the last few years, Health insurances are an inevitable part of everybody especially Covid-19 situation happening. Some individuals hold the view that insurance company denying health insurance because of pre-existing conditions breaks human rights. On the other hand, While there is a controversy that refusing customer is not violating human rights. According to my way of thinking, I fully agree that insurance companies can refuse insurer, in addition, Denying it does not violate human rights.

To start with, current law in United States of America, Although health insurance companies cannot refuse to cover insurer or charge customer more because the assured have a pre-existing condition that is a health condition that exists before individual applies a new health insurance policy. However, nowadays, there are many kinds of health insurance and many companies. An individual can choose insurance depending on their own suitability. For example, someone is denied health insurance by A company but he/she could find health insurance from B or C company. Similarly, it can be clearly seen that insurance companies are a kind of business. They have to bear the same risks as other companies. Hence, holding insurance should rely upon health, age, gender of each population for insurance pricing purposes and choosing kind of insurances. This enables insurers to consider differences between risks in a way that is fair the assured and company.

On the flip side, when the assured paid health insurance or the assured and company signed on the contact, but insurer cannot apply to medical benefits because insurance company refused to pay as the heart disease was a pre-existing condition or denied from handicap, financial status or age. This action shows that the company violates human rights and breaks the law. It is also relevant that the company should be punished because it proves that the company does not have responsibility.

To recapitulate it all, denying health insurance does not violate human rights. In addition, health insurance does not guarantee for one to be healthy, Although population will not have health insurance but the state enacts policies promoting available and affordable basic health services without discrimination. Government should take care to ensure access health care to all of population and protect individuals from violating human rights.


Writer: Phatchara Teekakul (Mind)
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