McBrown English Thailand
12 Mar

Our personalities are predefined as a result of our genes before we are born and there is nothing can be done to change our character traits. To what extent do you agree?

It is opined our traits are predefined resulting from our genes before birth and it is an unchangeable character persona. I strongly disagree with this statement.

To begin with, human characters are affected by a number of factors such as family, events, or religion rather than genes alone. Firstly, family is the first environment which is, probably,  the most impact factor on children. Since birth, children’s habits are hugely inherited from the people interacting with them. For example, if the parents pay strict attention to the kids, they will tend to form discipline and responsible habits when they thrive in adolescence.

What’s more, meaningful events can also turn the perspective of kids upside down. Due to tragic situations such as being raped, or bullied, these days, the child’s mindset may be ruined forever without being cured in time. Thirdly, the choice of ritual, or evil cult, has shaped the belief of man. If the young were raised in a cult that has the concept that you can murder a man in the name of peace if they opposed the method of the cult, they would likely become arrogant or have a personality disorder which can be harmful to society. Due to the increase of terrorist incidences, in this age, most population willingly choose to be atheists, not having a religion, even though doctrine is still indispensable in most of humanity.

In conclusion, while genes can define character, there are other considerations that tremendously impact it such as the education from family, accidental events, or the selection of religion


Writer: Tanakon (Sun) Sawanglok
Time spent: 50 Mins
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Course attended: To Study Abroad