McBrown English Thailand
18 Feb

Someone said a villain was once the one with the painful experience in his life and the best way to handle with him is to understand and be sympathetic, while others think they should not be treated well. To what extent do you agree?

In the fiercely competitive world, most people inevitably have faced with the undesirably unfavorable moments, and sometimes they unintentionally become anti-hero. Whilst some hold the view thatthe suitable solution to alleviate the problem of which is to stand on their feet, others disagree. I utterly agree with this certain extent and also will outline both sides along with my perspectives in the following paragraphs.

On the one hand, there are various general reasons why the villains should not be taken care of by the society. One obvious cause in favour of this is that if the anti-heroes have not been treated well enough, they highly tend to have the same criminal behavior which, in turn, might result in more opportunistic crimes. Even more, it is very difficult for them to adapt to live their lives on the society. Furthermore, apart from their repeated behavior, in order to support the villains’ treatment, the financial budget should be prepared enormously. Consequently, it is unbelievably undeniable that the money may help them to survive, but in term of standing on their own feet in the long term is not sill effective.

On the flip side, understanding and being sympathetic about the villains have more beneficial sides. First and foremost, the social guidance of how to adapt to the society possibly mitigates their nightmare problems in their minds. By counselling the painful experiences, almost all of them turn from an anti-hero to a real hero and this is more substantial in the long run. Last but not least, after turning to be heroic in the community, their specially useful skills also help their whole society. An example can be seen in the UK, where their criminals altogether use their various skills to search for the new world and as a result, they found the most powerful country in the USA.

In conclusion, despite the opinion that the villains should be ignored, it would appear that the better way is to counsel and help them, which outweighs the opposite view. Were they to be treated well, It is more like likelihood that the society can be received the beneficial value.

Writer: Watanyu Suthacheewa (Boat)
Editor: Anupong Mittawin (5% edited)
Time spent: 1 hour
Course(s) attended: Intense