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18 Feb

The legal drinking age should be changed to 18 for hard liquor and spirits, and to 16 for beer and wine. To which extent do you agree?

The problem with arguments for lowering the legal drinking age is interested by the public. Others argue that underage drinkers are a danger to themselves and others, especially on the road. Due to the fact that the number of alcohol-related traffic fatalities began to rise more and more. On the flip side, Some people believe that if drinkers age is lowered, Teenagers will get more safety in their lives. So, I will argue both sides and give my opinion on the matter.

To begin with,It is an undeniable fact that starting drinking at young age will have negative effect on the body. Many alcohol consumption can have an impact on brain development and liver function. Another important aspect of this is that engagement in consumption of alcohol is also linked to higher risk of mental health problems such as addiction, propensity for violence and strain. Similarly, sometimes, lowering the drinking age would bring more danger to lives of the public and those around them. People who are college students tend to be unaware of effect of drinking alcohol, This itself leads to more dangerous behavior. No one wants to fall victim to any incident. Therefore, those acts lead to concern about the safety.

On the contrary, Underage drinkers consuming alcohol is inevitable. If the drinking age was lowered, The consumption would be more normalized and youngsters would be comfortable talking their parents questions about alcohol consumption. Due to the fact that these knowledge could help college students consuming alcohol understand harmful that they may not have never known. Moreover, Implementing the minimum legal drinking to 16 or 18 can promote drinking in safe environment. Evidence have shown that teenagers receive a level of excitement from having to go to the pub or bar, trying not to caught, they have to be in unsafe environment and this itself tends to more harmful behavior. If the minimum legal drinkers age was lower, there may be less of excitement to drinking, Therefore drinkers lead to be more responsible and safe.

In conclusion, Either the minimum legal drinking to 18 or 20 is not important. If individual is old enough to have the responsible of making a living and taking care themselves, They should be allowed to consume alcohol because they can be responsible for what they do.


Writer: Phatchara Teekakul (Mind)
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