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12 Dec

Marathon and its long history

For many years, more and more people have been interested in their health whether it is eating clean or working out in several ways , and one of the exercises that people in all age ranges are being enthusiastic about is Marathon.


Marathon is the running competition with a long history. Back to around 2,500 years in the Roman, A roman soldier, whose name was Pherdippides, was sent back to report to the Athens governor about the roman troops’s victory instead of war horses being dead in the war. He must run from the battle field, across a grass field of which name was ‘Marathon’ to the Athens in 48 hours nonstop. Finally, he arrived at the city and shouted ‘Victory!’, after that he passed away. Therefore the first long distance run competition held in the Olympic was named after the grass field, which is ‘Marathon’.


The length of the competition’s distance connects to its history, the distance that Pherdippides ran to the Athens was 25 miles or around 40 kilometers. However, it has been changed to 26 miles 385 yards or 42.195 kilometers in the Olympic held in London in 1908 because the goal has been changed to be in front of the princess of England by the board’s consent.


In 1896, the first public marathon competition was held in Boston, Massachusetts, USA by using the same rules as the Olympic. The Boston marathon has become the oldest running city tradition in the world and 100th anniversary competition contained more than 40,000 competitors, what’s more, there were 25 Thais among the competitors.


There are several types of the competition. For the beginner, ‘Fun Run’ is running in the distances around 3.5-5 kilometers. It is suitable for people having just started working out. The most favorable type for healthy runners for is 10.5 kilometers which is called Mini Half Marathon. If you are experienced runner, 21 kilometers or Half marathon is a good choice to join the race. Health check-up before joining the race is, as well, important. Nevertheless, if you are the real athletes or the long experienced runner, the Ultra marathon with the distance of more than 42.195 kilometers is the best way to test physical fitness.


Marathon can make you healthy, besides, it is the good thing to make both your body and your mind stronger. It is one of the activities to spend time on so that you are able to exercise and meet some new friends during the race, therefore, it can be said the marathon not only is the running for health or competition but also healing our minds.


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