McBrown English Thailand
10 Dec

Everyone should adopt a vegetarian diet because eating meat can cause serious health problems. Do you agree or disagree

There was a research saying that Human is able to live by only eating vegetable. Actually, meat is not needed for our bodies although our body requires 5 nutrients including Carbohydrates, Protein, Fat, Vitamins as well as water for having good health. We knew that protein is meat. It is able to damage our organs if we eat too much of it, should we change from meat to substitute protein then?

A number of people used to eat not only red meat such as beef, lamb but also white such as chicken that It was fed with stimulator for growth. There are many disadvantages of stimulator. It can cause abnormality in toddlers’ growth along with cancerous cell for our bodies. Hence, a lot of people die because of cancer. Currently, somebody who know about disadvantages of stimulator is changing how they eat.

Do you know Protein is not only from meat but also egg white, bean, furthermore, Quinoa called lean meats? It also builds, maintains, and repairs the tissues in our body if you eat this type of protein. Muscles and organs are made of protein too. Eating vegetable is one of what body wants which causes good health. For example, vitamin D is necessary for healthy bones, moreover, vitamin B helps support the nervous system. So all of them is vegetarian things. I agree with this topic.

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