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10 Dec

Text Message Online is the death of Grammar?

Grammar in each language has its long evolution, It takes 3000 years to form the current Mandarin, meanwhile, 2000 years has been spent setting English up. The language has been developed to abbreviation, which is the first alphabet of each word; for example, “going to” which means that indeed plan to do something has become “gonna” which provides similar meaning and favoured among America. Sometimes language restructure is caused by borrowing foreign language. English borrows some words from either Greek or Latin while both Japanese and Korean borrow some of their words from Mandarin; for example beautiful, can be taken off the suffix to beauty being a noun, again, It’s able to be rooted to beau meaning beautiful in Greek.

Furthermore, New words have been created following new intelligent technology like twit from Twitter, the application for real time post and follow anyone interested, which makes the word twit mean post. A number of chat applications cause spreading of slang and short message which was widely used in informal contact, chat, as well as caption. Though, we can also get the meaning through typing few letters.

Most of short massages often seen are changed from homophone, which is two words with similar sounds, to a single alphabet; for example, the word great has been turned to be GR8, You are has been reduced to U R. Although most of them are formed by homophone, some words aren’t, they are created from abbreviation; for example, laugh out loud become LOL, and sometimes the homophone and the abbreviation are combined.
Due to above reason, I disagree with the topic. Grammar is flexible which can be used by ability of the users and I believe that those who often utilise from short message are supposed to be aware of how correct grammar is.

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