McBrown English Thailand
24 Feb

Equality of LGBT in Thailand

There have been requests about equality of which, the most cause are classification which is different in each country such as the divided religion in Malaysia or the racist in USA. A number of requests are well accepted and improved around the world but one that attention is still paid to in many countries is people loving same gender which is called LGBT.

LGBT had been looked as disgusting people for some countries or some religion they are the worst mistake even there is a legal to punish them. It is lighter in Thailand such as the one being bullied or lower class in society that is not important and appreciated, being a disease that must be treated in a part of psychology, a family, lifestyle even the food they eat.

Time changes everything, the world more accept them because there are 25 countries allowing the laws of LGBT, Netherlands is the first country followed by Belgium and the latest is Malta. What is strange is there are not even one Asia country included.

Thailand is one of the countries in Asia that is the start of marriage equality, despite being not successful but was a big issue of society last year. The most discussed is positive and negative effects, absolutely, we will be the most outstanding topic in the world.

There will be the rise of new business model or expansion of some business, wedding will be the first to prosper again and followed by honeymoon trip for LGBT only including environment business such as travel agency, hotel and resort. The commercial surrogacy probably happens concretely to fulfil family for some couples but for some who don’t want kids might need the best home after their retirement.

Everything always has two sides, marriage equality maybe the cause of stimulating opposition and increasing of sex discrimination besides you can never predict the rate of divorce that will happens, anyway it must be prepared for some effect since the quality is not only a right but also punishment.


Writer: Taranut Thanpraneetkun (Jia) | Student ID – 60038
Time spent: 6 hours
Editor: Anupong Mittawin (10% edited)
Course attended: Storyline