McBrown English Thailand
13 Jul

Do you agree or disagree with the following statement ? Grades encourage student to learn.

It is thought by certain people that many kids are more and more interested to study when they have a good school record. I absolutely disagree with this statement.

First of all, in the era of competition, humans get bombarded with numerous serious information, one of these outputs is education. Many parents pay a considerable amount of attention to their kids not only for their living but learning, thus, their children can be less and less accessible to playing. For example, in Korea, an abundance of pupils have depression from studying hard to have a top rank in school because their progenitor forces them to spend their time  learning. For instance, many Asian adolescents, in China and Thailand in particular, take tutorial extra classes to improve their grades. Moreover, some of them can’t overcome a severe threat so, they choose to suicide to solve the problem. To tackle that situation, the class should be flexible and unnecessary subjects should be reduced.

Consequently, the government of multinational conglomerates such as Finland, which is considered the happiest country in the world, plays an important role to keep its citizens free of stress. Furthermore, the authority provides many organizations outside the classroom like the library and the national art gallery having facilities to enhance the quality of life. And for another, the school curriculum in such a society allows youths to choose their own class, for this reason, it encourages them to do their activity. Additionally, the surrounding environment also significantly supports their study.

To conclude, from my perspective, that statement is not quite correct. Although grade enriches child to read up, above all,  pleasure is more and more important. Therefore,  enjoyment leads to discovering new experiences.

Writer: Pichanan (Nui) Chaloemwat
Time spent: 120 Mins
Course attended: To Study Abroad