McBrown English Thailand
6 May

Cultural shock is a growing-phenomena in migrants. What are its cause and effects on migrants?

Currently, cultural shock becomes an integral issue that has arisen among migrants, therefore, the appearance of this problem has its own causes and effects.

On one hand, migrant intimacy can give an important contribution to unfamiliar feelings in the new culture because of the difference in each country. For example, foreign refugees would find it extremely difficult to blend into the working culture in Japan which is one of the most disciplinary countries. Furthermore, embedding the citizen’s behavior in each country brings about the existence of an abundance of characters. This can, hence, have a negative impact on the working environment in a company. For instance, flexibility, which is considered the uniqueness of Thais, makes it hard to cooperate with other countries when it comes to working.

On the other hand, one of the toughest obstacles is the wall of patriotism that can’t be overcome. For instance, Most Japanese people are conservative, therefore, it’s hard for migrants that can only communicate in English. For another instance, the punctuality of Japanese transportation is the most hostile issue to those non-responsible people. Moreover, racism has been a long-stand concerning problem for foreign refugees because of the harsh attitude in some countries. For example, nowadays  the news about Asians in America being attacked and insulted has still been seen on television every day despite a large number of campaigns.

In conclusion, instead of struggling with unfamiliar feelings, migrants should manage this by exploring and learning about new community lifestyles that will help them to blend themselves to the new society.


Writer: Sethanunt (Nammon) Bunnag
Time spent: 120 Mins
Editor: Kru Golf
Course attended: Intense