McBrown English Thailand
5 Jan

A country’s future depends on its young people. Therefore, a country should invest heavily in its youth. Do you agree or disagree with this statement?

In the future, the country’s growth will depend on all young citizens. Therefore, the government should invest since they are still young. I partially agree with these statements. Hence, I would like to discuss this issue and how to solve this problem.

Firstly, the majority of the national budget should be separated into the education system within the citizens from the elementary level to the university level. For example,  Finland  is the best education in the world, the teacher will get a higher salary to develop the student according to the arbitrary ability in their classroom. Otherwise, the population will lack  the power and knowledge to develop their local. In addition, the authority should support the knowledge centre for all children despite spending a lot of money because they can find a way of  professional life in the future.

Moreover, without the direct investment of the government in the youths, rearing by the guardians has been the key to the manner of humans. As a result, the politician should consider both the policy and the benefit when the family gives birth to new population. For instance, in Europe, the tax on the merchandise for looking after the baby will be reduced. Nevertheless, the people will mutually construct a security society for all individuals although they spend time building that. Eventually, national growth will also depend on the safety living of in the crowd.

To conclude, not only properly separating the budget  the children has played a crucial role in becoming  good labourers but also constructing a better society has been associated with being a developed country.

Writer: Kitnatthep (Baipad) Dokkaew
Time spent: 40 Mins
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Course attended: Intense