McBrown English Thailand
8 Feb

Can teachers be replaced by a robot?

A great number of population find it believable that teacher will be replced by robots in the future. I ultimately disagree with this statement.

Firstly, one of the main reasons that teacher will never be replaced by robots is not just beacuse of the importance of the experiences, but because of empathy. In teaching prospect, theoretical knowledge alone is not the only aspect that needs to be taught but overall sense of morality can therefore result in significantly positive upbringing. For example, in Thailand, such students who were taught by teachers may find it simple to instantly help others when their problems arise. Additionally, each teachers has a unique background which can noticeably affect on their teaching styles. Hence, student will absorb both theoretical knowledge and morality sense in a unique way.

Secondly, the disparity between humanity and robots is emotional such as sadness, anger or happiness. The majority of teachers tend to express themselve while provide students knowledge, in particular. For instance, teachers may angry at those who don’t pay attention to class, although it’s a negative expression, it’s can otherwise improve the connection between them. In addition, learners will be encountered by the situation that would take dedication and empathy in order to understand teachers’ struggles. Consequently, they will achieve an appropriate manner that will grant them a path to society.

To conclude, teacher will not be replaced by robots in the future. Robots cannot practice as a teacher, in my view, the imperfections of humanity allows them to perfectly fit the role of being a teacher.

Writer: Christoph Von Karstedt
Time spent: 40 Mins
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Course attended: To Study Aboard