McBrown English Thailand
14 Feb

Problems can make one grow. Do you agree or disagree?

Currently, individuals can confront new issues every day, therefore, we should adapt ourselves to be ready for new issues because this world is rapidly changing and we won’t know what will happen in the future. I opine that I agree with the quote that said: “Problems can make people grow.”

On one hand, it is quite obvious that someone does not want to confront problems because every day we have to resolve a number of issues each day, so this individual would find it harder to deal with them. Whereas, others opine that confronting with new problem is a challenging task so the existence of new obstacles they will prepare a number of solutions to resolve  and they will not surrender to it. For example, Ferrari which is one of the famous car bands has to confront numerous obstacles every year but Ferrari can still make circulation as their expectation.

On the other hand, some may say that many troubles can have a negative impact on personal health and wealth, therefore, adapting themselves to society is the most appropriate solution because the appearance of obstacles will not stop existing, thus, adaptation to each situation is the most efficient way. For example, the individual has to relocate to another country, and this might force him to blend into a new culture that he never met before. It is definitely hard to blend but it is the most appropriate solution to solve this.

In conclusion, every puzzle has its own solution so that individuals do not have to quickly solve it but carefully think can make it more efficient. If the method does not appear just consult with someone you trust because sometimes people have to think from different opinions to solve.


Writer: Sethanunt (Nammon) Bunnag
Time spent: 40 Mins
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Course attended: Intense