Townsville, May 17 – A poll among City University students was performed recently and according to Townsville Star correspondent, Stuart Wilson, “The results are shocking.”


According to the survey conducted by Wilson over a three-month period, one-tenth of students had at one time or another bribed school officials or professors to help them advance at City University. Sixty percent of those polled were ready to offer bribes to make certain of passing a test at the end of the semester.


Professor John O’Toole, a tenured professor of ethics, was one of the professors most often mentioned when students and parents named takers of bribes. Professors O’Toole was unavailable for comment. Conservative estimates have Professor O’Toole collecting more than $15,000 per semester. This total can only rise as students who have not bribed professors decide to take the easy route.


Dear Readers,


This is a letter of denial in regards to the article of May 17 that accuses the administration and professors of City University of taking bribes in return for passing a test.


The reports of bribes in this newspaper were nothing but the imagination of a jealous reporter. I think it is indecent to publish figures that have not been proven and have no evidence behind them. If a closer look is taken at the students, I think it will be found that the majority of them have not done will in their courses and are looking for revenge.


To accuse Professor O’Toole of accepting bribes is ludicrous in light of his academic record and performance here at City University.


The staff of City University demands a retraction of charges by the “reporter”, as well as a full apology to our institution and Professor O’Toole.


Dr. Murray Johnson, Administrator

1. What proportion of students said that they had bribed a school official or professor?

A) 5 percent
B) 10 percent
C) 30 percent
D) 60 percent


2. In the survey, what did the students say about Professor John O’Toole?

A) He collected more that $15,000 in bribes.
B) He bribed school officials to get a tenured position.
C) He bribed students to receive good class evaluations.
D) He took a bribe from students who wanted to go to prestigious schools.


3. Why is Dr. Murray Johnson writing the letter?

A) To accuse a professor of accepting bribes
B) To criticize students for dissipating confidential information
C) To deny what was written in the newspaper article
D) To give additional information to the survey


4. What does Dr.Murray Johnson say about Professor O’Toole?

A) He is not involved in this matter.
B) He was accused of bribery before.
C) He is seeking revenge on students.
D) He has evidence to substantiate this accusation.


5. What is Dr.Johnson asking the newspaper and reporter to do?

A) Take back what they have said about the university
B) Clarify what they have written in the article
C) Confirm what they have found our in the survey
D) Present where they got the information about the professors


The French government last week announced a set of new laws aimed at stopping the practice of money laundering. Despite an unenthusiastic reception in the financial district, the laws include a provision which requires financial managers to report all cash transactions exceeding $10,000, as well as any suspicious financial transactions. This requirement applies to old and new customers alike. This will force all money managers to keep more detailed records on accounts. This, in turn, will lead to greater transparency in the way financial institutions conduct business, and how they maintain their records. Suspicious assets could be frozen pending an investigation. It is believed that major European gangs have been laundering drug money, and it is hoped the new regulations will help stamp out the practice.


6. According to the new laws, what must financial managers do?

A) Be suspicious of all transactions
B) Report financial transactions of certain size
C) Sniff out drug money
D) Provide reports of their business to lawmakers


7. How do financial managers feel about the new laws?

A) They are unhappy about them.
B) They are enthusiastic about them.
C) They planned a reception in their honor.
D) They plan to investigate them.


8. What is it hoped the new laws will do?

A) Prevent illegal funds being channeled secretly by organized crime groups
B) Allow bank managers greater autonomy in their field
C) Reduce the price of prescription drugs
D) Keep all financial transactions to a limit of $10,000


Asia Investments Set to Acquire Lee Strategic Asset Management


Asia Investment Corp (AIC) announced yesterday that it plans to acquire the private equity firm Lee Strategic Asset Management in a deal reportedly valued at $100 million (US). The proposed buy-out of the respected Hong Kong company would provide AIC with a team of experienced investment specialists and strong entry into the south China market.


The planned acquisition is by no means certain as it is subject to approval of Asia Investments’ shareholders and the Hong Kong Fair Trade Commission. Investors reacted to the news positively as AIC shares rose a full 10 percent to close at an all-time high of $76.




TO: All Employees

FROM: Richard Lee, CEO, Lee Strategic Asset Management

RE: Our Possible Acquisition by Asia Investments


You are no doubt aware of the announcement, made yesterday, that Asia Investments has proposed a buyout of our firm. I want to assure you that I entertained this offer only because the terms AIC has proposed are extremely favorable. I would also point out that the press release neglected to note that any prospective deal would also be subject to approval by our own board of directors.


This buyout makes sense for both sides. First, AIC’s financial clout and deep pockets would enable us to greatly expand our local and regional operations and they can harness our ability to penetrate a region which promises unlimited economic growth in the years to come. Second, their global research wing will give us increased access to better and more timely investment information to take stakes in the kinds of promising small companies we have made our reputation investing in. Third, and perhaps most important to you, I have received the personal assurances of the acquisition team that there will be virtually no staff cuts. In fact, those of you who have been with our firm for a long time will actually have more opportunity for advancement rather than less, as you will be in a position to apply for transfers to many of AIC’s other divisions and operations, depending upon your background and interests.


For now, however, I would suggest that we all stay focused on our jobs as the approval process will be time-consuming and is by no means a foregone conclusion.

9. Why is Asia Investments trying to buy out Lee Strategic Asset Management?

A) To acquire its valuable real estate holdings
B) To gain greater access to a growing market
C) To provide its shareholders with higher dividends
D) To establish a new manufacturing base


10. How did stock market react to the news of the possible take-over?

A) Pessimistically
B) Skeptically
C) Cautiously
D) Favorably


11. According to Mr.Lee, which group does the article neglect to mention?

A) Hong Kong government authorities
B) Asia Investments stockholders
C) Asia Investments trustees
D) Lee Management’s board of directors


12. What benefit would the merger provide for Lee Strategic Management?

A) Higher salaries for employees
B) Increased stock value
C) Greater access to capital
D) Stronger management


13. According to the memo, how would the buyout affect the staff of Lee Management?

A) It will be significantly expanded.
B) It will remain largely intact.
C) It will gradually be downsized
D) It will eventually be reassigned.



The Buena Vista Center


578 Barberry Road Berkeley, CA 94711

Tel: 510 – 564 – 9912 Fax: 510 – 564 – 9913

June 6, 2000


Patsy Adler

Golden Gate Software

Berkeley, CA 87766


Dear Ms. Adler,

Thank you for your June 1st letter expressing interest in the Buena Vista Center as the venue for your seminar. This letter will confirm our final plans for your conference, as per our telephone conversation of June 5th.


We have reserved two rooms for you, each with capacity of 50 people, from September 16th to September 18th. We understand that you expect approximately 80 people to attend your meeting. Each room will contain ten tables and 40 chairs. Please let us know in advance if you think you will require additional seating. We will provide a TV, VCR, and broad beam projector (for presentations made using a computer) for one of the rooms. We plan to serve a light lunch on the 17th and coffee and tea every morning from the 16th to the 18th.


A deposit of 10% of the total, $1,545.00, will be due upon receipt of this letter. Full payment is due on September 16th. Payment may be made by credit card or by check. If you have further questions or need to make any changes, please contact me. We look forward to seeing you on September 16th. Thank you for choosing the Buena Vista Center.


Sincerely yours,

Angela Lewis/Conference Coordinator


cc: J. Blackwell, AV Department, D. Alcuaz, Food and Beverage Manager

 14. What is the purpose of this letter?

A) To provide general information about the BV Center
B) To confirm a reservation for a meeting at the BV Center
C) To reserve two rooms for a meeting at the BV Center
D) To agree upon a payment plan for a meeting at the BV Center


15. How many people are expected for lunch on the 16th?

A) About 80
B) About 100
C) About 50
D) About 40


16. When must Ms. Adler pay some money?

A) By June 5th
B) By September 17th
C) As soon as her telephone conversation ends
D) As soon as she receives this letter


17. Who will also receive this letter?

A) The director of Golden Gate Software
B) The AV department and Food and Beverage Manager
C) The people attending the conference
D) The BV Center’s accounting



Bored of lying on the beach for those precious two weeks of summer vacation your company gives you every summer? Buy the summer vacation that will give you more. The Computer Training Center offers summer intensive seminars in Lotus, Quark, Computer Aided Design, Dbase programming, and more! Take this summer and create or enhance your computer skills. The Summer CTC seminars are every two weeks from June 1st through September 1st. For a listing of courses, call 585-2800, or stop by our beautiful new school at 4375 Marine View, with a spectacular view of the Bay.


For June and July, we are offering Special Grand Opening Rates of 5% off the usual price. Don’t miss this chance to improve your prospects in two short intensive weeks. Go back to work with new skills, not just a tan.

18. Who is this advertisement intended for?

A) Someone who wants to learn water sports during their vacation
B) People who want to have a view of the cean
C) Anyone interested in improving their computer skills
D) Anyone who needs a discount on the price of their summer vacation


19. How often are the seminars offered?

A) Once a month
B) Twice a month
C) Every week
D) Every three weeks


20. What can you pick up if you stop by their new building?

A) A 5% Grand Opening Discount
B) A view of the Bay
C) A schedule of classes
D) A test of your computer skills


Below are the Priority Mailing Rates for all packages weighing up to 70 pounds and not exceeding 108 inches in length and girth combined, including written and other material, whether sealed or unsealed. Fractions of a pound are charged as one pound. Zone rates are determined by measuring mileage range between specific geographic locations determined by Zip codes.


Rates: Zone Distance Cost per pound (weight)
Zone 1: 0-50 $1.10
Zone 2: 51-150 $2.00
Zone 3: 51-300 $2.50
Zone 4: 301-600 $3.10
Zone 5: 601-1,000 $3.50
Zone 6: 1,001-1,400 $4.25
Zone 7: 1,401-1,800 $6.00
Zone 8: Over 1,800 $7.00


Please note that poisons, knives, flammable liquids, and corrosives cannot be mailed via Priority Mailing. The mailing of counterfeit goods is also strictly prohibited.

21. How much would it cost to mail a 15-pound package to zone 5?

A) $24.50
B) $75.00
C) $52.50
D) $90.00


22. How are mailing zone rates decided?

A) According to the size of the package
B) According to the shape of the package
C) According to the value of the contents
D) According to the distance transported


23. Which of the following packages would NOT be accepted?

A) A three pound box of chocolates
B) Two feather pillows
C) A penknife
D) A box of books


24. What is the maximum weight covered by these rates?

A) 50 pounds
B) 70 pounds
C) 1,800 pounds
D) Over 1,800 pounds


FOR: Mr. Evans

DATE: Sept. 19, 2005

TIME: 9:20 a.m.


Message taken by: Rhonda McVities



Mr. Feidt of Ultimate Tax Service (tel. 988-5130, ext. 23)

____X____ Telephoned

__________ Will call back

__________ Please call


Mr. Feidt says your tax reports are complete. He has finished everything, so now all that remains is for you to sign them. You can either stop by his office to sign them, or he can have them sent over by courier. He’d like you to give him a call before three o’clock so that he knows what you want to do.



25. What is Mr. Feidt’s job?

A) He works for the Internal Revenue Service.
B) He is a receptionist.
C) He is a tax accountant.
D) He is a courier.


26. Whom did Mr. Feidt talk to?

A) Mr. Evans
B) The Ultimate Tax Service
C) A telephone answering machine
D) Rhonda McVities



Richard Young Exhibit at Vanishing Point Gallery


Master painter Richard Young will make a special appearance at Vanishing Point Gallery Saturday July 14, 1 P.M. To 7 P.M. & Sunday July 15, 11 A.M. To 4 P.M. For an exclusive showing of his original oil painting and hand-enhanced limited edition prints.


Along with his vibrant and evocative scenes depicting the mountains and lakes of the Northwest region, Young is displaying newly inspired works from his first visit to Hawaii.


Vanishing Point Gallery is located in City Plaza. For information, log on to www.vanishingpointgallery.com or e-mail vpgallery@imail.com.


Northwest Arts Association

Suite 68

City Plaza

Seattle, WA 98166


Dear Patron,

As a supporting member of the Northwest Arts Association, you are cordially invited to an exhibit opening at Vanishing Point Gallery on Saturday, July 14. Richard Young, one of our city’s most accomplished natives, will be showing his highly regarded nature paintings of the Northwest as well as new work from Hawaii. On Saturday at 7P.M., following the exhibition opening, there will be a reception with the artist-in the gallery- at which refreshment will be served. Please bring this letter to gain admittance.


You will also receive a 10 percent price reduction on any artwork that you purchase at the exhibit, and, of course, your standard 15 percent discount at the gallery gift shop. Please contact me personally if you have any questions about the exhibition. We look forward to seeing you at this special event.


Sincerely yours,

Andrea Heistman

Chair, Northwest Arts Association

27. With what region is Richard Young’s most recent art concerned?

A) The Northwest
B) The West Coast
C) East Asia
D) The Pacific Islands


28. What type of painting is Richard Young best known for?

A) Portrait
B) Abstract
C) Landscape
D) Pop


29. What can be inferred about the artist?

A) He resides in Hawaii.
B) He is visiting the Northwest for the first time.
C) He is a member of the Northwest Arts Association.
D) He is a local artist.


30. What is NOT mentioned as a way to get more information about the

A) To e-mail the gallery
B) To telephone the artist
C) To visit the gallery Web site
D) To contact the Arts Association chair


31. What benefit does a member of the Northwest Arts Association receive?

A) An autographed art print
B) A reduction in the price of gift items
C) Discounted admission to art exhibitions
D) Reduced airfare for travel to certain events


Language at Your Fingertips!


Never be at a loss for words again! We have the latest advancements in electronic dictionaries. Dictionaries for most modern languages are available. They contain every word and definition found in standard paperbound dictionaries, plus they are updated with popular slang words and expressions. Because these units solar cells, you never need to worry about losing power in the middle of your work because you never have to change the batteries. For a limited time, you can receive your dictionary for only $424.99. Order over the Internet or by phone at 808-995-8090. No cash or personal checks accepted.



Sir or Madam,


I recently purchased one of your electronic dictionaries to use in my English language class. Your advertisement claimed the dictionary would contain every word and definition found in paperbound dictionaries, but mine is missing the entire letter ‘S’ section. It skips from ‘R’ to ‘T’. In addition, your advertisement claimed it contains up-to-date slang, but the slang function only has words in use up to the 1970s. Finally, the first time my dictionary was out of the sun, it went dead, and it won’t recharge. I am extremely dissatisfied and want a refund!


Tom Collins


32. Which of the following is mentioned as a special feature of the dictionary?

A) It provides a definition for newly coined words.
B) It contains dictionaries of three different languages.
C) It is designed in such a way as to facilitate self-study.
D) It has an automatic translation function.


33. Why don’t users of the dictionary have to worry about changing batteries?

A) Because the dictionary has long-lasting batteries.
B) Because the dictionary is recharged by the sun.
C) Because the dictionary is operated manually.
D) Because the dictionary has a built-in battery.


34. Why is Tom Collins writing a letter?

A) To demand a dictionary in exchange for his current one
B) To complain about the recently-purchased product
C) To notify them that he has mistakenly received a shipment
D) To ask the company to repair the dictionary


35. What does Tom Collins NOT say about the dictionary he purchased?

A) It is missing a certain section.
B) It is much heavier that he expected.
C) The solar cells do not seem to be working properly.
D) The number of slang expressions is very limited.


36. What does Tom Collins want?

A) A rebate
B) A refund
C) A better price
D) An exchange


Dear Business Partners,


Greetings. I am contacting you in the hopes of forming a mutually beneficial business venture. I am the director of finance for a large bank. One of our largest foreign clients, Mr. Kevin Cashmin, died tragically last year in an airplane accident. After investigation, it has been established that Mr. Cashmin’s account reverts to our bank to be invested as we see fit. I am looking for someone to accept a transfer of $10,000,000.00 for investment. In return, you shall receive 30% of all profits. I trust that I can rely on you for discretion and prompt action concerning the transfer. Please reply with your address, phone number, and banking information in order to make this transaction possible. I look forward to doing business with you.



James Makota

Finance Director




The I.I.F.C.(International Internet Fraud Commission) has just issued a worldwide alert after a thorough investigation into reports of fraud involving messages that trick recipients into revealing bank account information. These email messages come in the form of official letters from directors of banks, oil companies, popular good distributors, and other widely-known businesses and institutions. These e-mail messages state that they are holding funds for a deceased client who has no known family, making the deceased’s holdings eligible for investment. The e-mail asks for help investing the funds, promising money in return. They ask for your personal information; phone numbers, addresses, and, most importantly, bank account numbers and information. The perpetrators use the information to drain the bank accounts of the e-mail recipients. The I.I.F.C. encourages the Internet users to immediately delete any such messages.

37. What is being announced in the advertisement?

A) Bank stock
B) Currency exchange
C) Loans
D) A business opportunity


38. What benefit is it said that one can receive by accepting Mr. Makota’s offer?

A) Part of the profits
B) Stock shares
C) Additional interest rates
D) An exemption of transfer fees


39. What does the I.I.F.C. Say about the offer made in the advertisement?

A) It is fraudulent.
B) It is not lucrative.
C) It is a good offer.
D) It is reliable.


40. According to the notice, what is the bank account information used for?

A) To sell to the perpetrators
B) To transfer the profits
C) To steal all the money
D) To deposit the money


41. What are those who get this kind of e-mail message about investment advised to do?

A) Forward it to those who are interested
B) Report it to the police
C) Delete it right away
D) Change the bank account


McKenzie Publishing

182 W, State St.,

Miami, FL 36562


Dear Prospective Subscriber,

How often do you get sound legal information that deals with the operation of your small business? The McKenzie Journal for small business is just what you need. Every issue has summaries of recent new federal and state laws and explains how they pertain to your small business These laws could affect the way you do business, from retirement matters to employee health plans. Moreover, The McKenzie Journal is considerably cheaper than the price a lawyer would charge for a few hours of his time. Here at the McKenzie Firm, we have been representing the rights of our clients since 1983. Unlike other firms, all our lawyers specialize only in small business litigation. So, if you are in need of legal advice, let our team of highly motivated lawyers help. Call for your free consultation today. If you would like to receive The McKenzie journal, just fill out and return the enclosed card by mail.



Fred Baxter


42. Who would be most likely interested in The McKenzie Journal?

A) Property owners
B) Law firms
C) Small business owners
D) Small business employees


43. What distinguishes the McKenzie Firm from other firms?

A) They charge less than other similar firms.
B) They are the only firm that publishes a business journal.
C) They have the most subscribers.
D) They specialize in small business litigation.


44. What should one do in order to subscribe to The McKenzie Journal?

A) Call their toll-free number
B) Drop by the Mckenzie firm
C) Send the attached form
D) Pick up the form and fill it out



East Coast Bank Relocates Office


East Coast Bank relocated its Pine Beach branch to a new facility on July 31. The new branch at 289 SW Lincoln Drive is located in a newly constructed building adjoining the company’s mortgage headquarters on Wilson Street, which has housed the branch in one of its wings for the past five years. The bank’s district Manager Shirley Ahearns said that this long-awaited new branch can now better serve clients with two ATM’s, automated 24-hour deposit service for business customers, and safety deposit boxes as well as its longstanding full-service banking services including checking saving, commercial lending and credit card services. Future services will eventually include stock and bond brokering, as well as whole-life insurance.

45. What is the main purpose of this article?

A) To advertise the opening of a new bank
B) To announce the moving of a bank’s office
C) To publicize the offering of new banking services
D) To notify investors of new real estate opportunities


46. What is NOT mentioned as a new banking service currently provided by the bank?

A) Business loans
B) Safe storage of valuables
C) Life insurance
D) Automated deposits