April 11, Location
11:00 – 11:30 Opening Remarks by CEO Mason Lecture Room 4th floor
11:30 – 1:30 Lunch Dining Room
1:30 – 6:00 Topic: Products Summary & Performance Showroom
6:00 – 8:00 Dinner TBA
  April 12, Location
9:30 – 11:30 Team Innovations Activities Boardrooms 1-6
11:30 – 1:30 Lunch Dining Room
1:30 – 6:00 Topic: Research & Development Auditorium
6:00 – 8:00 Dinner TBA


Because of the large number of people this year, we will hold the Team Innovations’ part of the conference in small meeting rooms. We will divide employees into six groups to be announced at the end of lunch on April 11. The groups will be chosen with the aim of getting employees from the different company offices to mix together. If there is anything you would like to comment on, please email me or come see me in HR, room 202, before April 4.

1. What kind of event will take place?

A. A scientific symposium
B. A company-wide annual meeting
C. A regional spring conference
D. A seminar on fiscal responsibility


2. By what date should changes to the schedule be suggested?

A. April 2
B. April 4
C. April 11
D. April 12


3. What will determine the organization of “team Innovations”?

A. Employees’ place of work
B. The preferences of the affiliate companies
C. The number of people who attend
D. How many meeting rooms are available


To: Y & U employees

From: Anthony Lee, Head of Finances

Subject: Assistance needed in financial division

This message is for all employees.



Due to recent personnel losses in the financial division, several of my teams are now shorthanded. They are facing many deadlines in the coming weeks, so we do not have enough time to hire additional help. Therefore, I am asking for volunteers to assist us in certain areas.


In particular, the company budget team needs someone to proofread the annual budget report and make sure it doesn’t contain any minor errors. It is due to be sent out to our shareholders a week from tomorrow. This is our top priority at the moment.


Another role that needs to be filled is on the financial planning team. They are giving a seminar to some potential investors next week and they need someone to help them with the preparations. This work will mainly involve setting up the conference room and helping entertain the investors on the day.


If you have the time to help either of these teams with their duties, please contact me immediately at office extension 45 or by email at shadi_harb@h&b.com We in the financial division appreciate your help.


Anthony Lee,


Head of Finances

4. What is the financial planning team responsible for?

A. Bringing in investment to the company
B. Preparing a budget report for shareholders
C. Assisting the CEO with a monthly schedule
D. Organizing a seminar for potential clients


5. The word “losses” in paragraph 2, line 1 is closest in meaning to

A. defeats
B. demolitions
C. departures
D. debts


6. What is the purpose of Mr. Lee’s memo?

A. To encourage employees to work overnight
B. To update the CEO on his projects
C. To report on the company’s budget
D. To recruit assistance for his department


7. What are available employees asked to do?

A. Submit an application to Mr. Harb
B. Sign up for a training seminar
C. Visit the financial division
D. Notify Mr. Harb as soon as possible


8. Why is Mr. Lee’s unable to hire new workers?

A. His team is too busy to spare any time.
B. He lacks the financial resources.
C. The CEO has not approved it.
D. His department is going to disappear.


To: Joshua Gannon

CC: Anastasia Wilson

Subject: A favor


Dear Mr. Gannon,


I’m sorry to ask you at the last minute, but would you be able to help me out on Friday? I’m registered for a seminar about Darby Inc.’s new marketing concept. Unfortunately I won’t be able to attend because the executives at United Sports Equipment have scheduled an urgent meeting with me on Friday. The United contract is extremely important for our company so I cannot afford to miss the meeting. I was wondering if you might be able to go to the seminar instead of me. I’ve already checked with your manager, Ms. Wilson, and she says that you should be available on Friday.


All you would have to do at the seminar would be to collect any handouts and take a few notes. Darby Inc. Has recently adopted a very innovation strategy which we are considering implementing.


It is going to be held downtown in the Compton Building on Friday, November 17, starting at 9 a.m. If you’re happy to fill in for me, I’ll call the coordinators and let them know you will be there on my behalf. I would really appreciate your help.


James Sandoval



Date: Friday, November 17

Note taker: Joshua Gannon

Event: Darby Inc. Marketing Strategy Seminar



* Host speaker – Deborah Kelly, Senior Marketing Analyst, Darby Inc.

* Ms Kelly began with an introduction of Darby’s traditional marketing strategy.

*She outlined the successes and failures of the traditional strategy.

*Next, Ms. Kelly moved on to Darby’s innovative new marketing concept.

*The new strategy involves targeting groups of consumers by first researching the types of websites they visit most frequently. This data is then analyzed to compile a comprehensive description of the group.

*Please note that I have attached the handouts which Ms. Kelly distributed at the event. I have highlighted and annotated some of the most important parts for your interest.

*For more information, check out Darby’s website: www.darby.com/marketing

9. What will Mr. Sandoval be doing during the seminar?

A. Seeing important clients
B. Taking a few notes
C. Collecting handouts
D. Going to the Compton Building


10. Which topic was NOT addressed at the event?

A. An innovation involving consumer research
B. Darby’s old marketing plan
C. The layout of Darby’s website
D. Darby’s new approach to marketing


11. Who led the seminar?

A. Joshua Gannon
B. James Sandoval
C. Deborah Kelly
D. Anastasia Wilson


12. What does Mr. Sandoval offer to do?

A. Cover the cost of Mr. Gannon’s seminar registration
B. Get permission from Mr Gannon’s boss
C. Inform the organizers about Mr. Gannon’s attendance
D. Fill in for Mr. Gannon at an important appointment


13. What is the main purpose of Mr. Sandoval’s email?

A. To inquire about an upcoming training event
B. To report the results of a meeting
C. To discuss the company’s marketing strategy
D. To request a favor from a coworker


To: Nancy Robert Catering World

From: Martha Green

Re: recipe


Dear Nancy,


I was eager to send you a thank-you note for everything you did for the party. The food was something that had to be just right, and everything your company did was perfect. The selection appearance and timing were fantastic! My daughter (the bride) has been raving about the spinach that you served. Do you think you could tell me the recipe so I can give it to her? Perhaps as a wedding present?


Sincere thanks,




To: Martha Green

From: Vicky Wright

Re: recipe


Mrs. Green,


I am writing back to your e-mail on behalf of Nancy, who has taken a week-long vacation. It was our pleasure to be at such a wonderful reception. The recipe for the spinach, which is a popular side dish served with many different curry dishes, is as follows: Spicy Spinach Trim and thoroughly wash 1kg / 2lbs fresh spinach. Cook a chopped onion, a crushed garlic clove, a teaspoon of turmeric and two tablespoons of cumin seeds in a little butter or oil. Add the spinach and cover the pan tightly, cooking for 10 minutes. The key is to uncover the pan for the final five minutes and shake often. When the liquid has evaporated, you’re done!


Enjoy. Congratulations once again to your daughter on her marriage.


From all of us here at Nancy Robert Catering World

Vicky Wright

14. Why did Vicky Wright reply to Martha’s e-mail?

A. Nancy was out of the office.
B. She is a friend of Martha’s.
C. She is the head chef.
D. She knows the recipe.


15. What kind of meal did the bride like the most?

A. The appearance
B. The spinach
C. The timing
D. The curry dishes


16. What is the main purpose of Martha’s email?

A. To complain about the catering
B. To inquire about the recipe
C. To inquire about a party
D. To invite someone to a wedding


17. What is the most important part of the cooking process?

A. Uncovering the pan
B. Crushing the garlic
C. Using 1kg/2lbs of spinach
D. Adding the cumin seeds


18. Who got married?

A. Martha
B. Martha’s son
C. Martha’s daughter
D. Nancy’s daughter


Gearing Up for Internet Media Conference


BRUSSELS – Entrepreneurs, investors, and technology analysts are eagerly awaiting the 4th annual European Internet Technology Forum (EITF) here next week. In the last three years, it has become the most important showcase for groundbreaking Internet technologies on the continent.


This year, everyone will be watching Enrique del Alamo, founder of the Spanish company Phone Online. Its services include free international long-distance calls over the Internet. Mr. Del Alamo says the company already handles over 3% of all such calls worldwide. Now, he is expected to announce the introduction of a new service. Analysts have not been given much information about it, but Phone Online spokesperson Staci Kim has suggested it will allow users to place calls to cell phones around the world in addition to land lines.


Other participants at this year’s forum will include the president of the Internet software producer Netwise, Mariska Olin, and American technology expert Dennis Aldrich. Over 1,000 representatives from European technology journals are also on the guest list. Investors in attendance will have great opportunities to conduct research on the countless startup firms that will be there.


Some see the EITF as evidence of a European surge with the potential of overtaking the US’s leading position in this industry. Others feel that even if this happens, it will not be for many years. But one thing is sure: the EITF has become the place to be for investors interested in discovering the next super-company.


Harris Venture Capital Email System



From: Jennifer Chapman

To: Paul Stabler

Subject: Investment opportunities


Hi Paul,


I’m forwarding you an article from this week’s Business New Magazine entitled “Gearing up for Internet Media Conference.” I talk about an event taking place in Belgium next week.


We’ve been looking for some new startup companies to invest in, and think the EITF will be a great place to find them. Can you have someone from your team fly over to Brussels and do research for us? The financial department will cover all the expenses.


Thanks a lot,


 19. Which group will NOT be represented at the forum?

A. Cell phone owners
B. Industry experts
C. Technology professionals
D. Investment agents


20. Who heads a software company?

A. Jennifer Chapman
B. Dennis Aldrich
C. Staci Kim
D. Mariska Olin


21. What would Harris Venture Capital like to do?

A. Run the EITF
B. Buy shares in Phone Online
C. Plan an American technology forum
D. Fund a promising new business


22. What should Paul Stabler do next?

A. Order a subscription to Business News Magazine
B. Assign an employee to participate in the forum
C. Contact the president of Netwise
D. Send his team’s budget report to the financial department


23. What does the article mainly discuss?

A. The services provided by several companies
B. The differences between European and US firms
C. The features of an upcoming business gathering
D. The process of starting a technology company




REG. No : PD 255
Date : 20 May 2005 Time : 12: 45 p.m.
Location : Corner of Hill St. & 8th Ave.
Violation : Parked in handicapped zone
Fine : $ 50.00 Code: PHZ-2331
Officer: K. Pitt

Payment of the fine is due within 21 days from the above date and may be paid at your local police station or mailed

to :

Ramsgate City Police Department

P.O. Box 160

Ramsgate, Texas 97306

If you wish to settle this matter in court, notify the Police Department in writing.

24 May 2005

Ramsgate City Police Department

P.O. Box 160, Ramsgate, Texas


Dear sirs:


I am writing this to require a court hearing to contest the notice I received yesterday for parking in a handicapped zone. In fact, I must rely on crutches to get around presently due to having a cast on my broken leg. Because that handicapped space was unused while the market parking lot was otherwise full, I believed I have the right to park there even without a sticker on my car. I look forward to your confirmation of the date I should appear in court.




24. Where did the incident occur?

A. At near a street corner
B. On the top of a hill
C. In a hospital parking lot
D. In a shopping mall


25. When must the payment be made?

A. Within four weeks
B. Within three weeks
C. Within two weeks
D. Within one week


26. Who wrote the information on the form?

A. A parking attendant
B. A park ranger
C. A police officer
D. A citizen of the town


27. What does Whittman want?

A. To find out why he received the citation
B. A refund for the $ 50.00 fine
C. An explanation about the violation
D. A date for him to appear in court


28. Why does Whittman believe he is right?

A. Because he is a senior citizen.
B. Because he has a broken leg.
C. Because he has no sticker on his car.
D. Because he never got into trouble before.



Due to increased demand, the City Performance Center will be changing its play schedule.Since its inception in 1953, the Center has never before seen such popularity. We will, therefore, not be taking our usual Fall break. Terry Phelps, the center director since 2001, said that the play company is more than ready for the upcoming challenge and is looking forward to the extra show. The center is also thinking about modifying its weekly schedule. We are considering moving our Tuesday performance to Wednesday. Tuesday night attendance has been low, and many playgoers have indicated that they would rather come to watch later in the week.

29. What is the purpose of this notice?

A) To announce changes in schedule
B) To introduce the new center director
C) To offer a special deal on tickets
D) To describe the Center


30. What has the Center been experiencing recently?

A) It has undergone several renovations.
B) It has been visited by more playgoers.
C) There has been poor attendance at the Center.
D) It has cancelled some of the popular shows.


31. Why will the Tuesday performance be moved to Wednesday?

A) Because it was decided that the Center would be closed every Tuesday.
B) Because a refurbishment is scheduled on Tuesday.
C) Because it is expected that more people would come on Wednesday.
D) Because a new show is going to start on Tuesday.


The Classic Cafe is the perfect place for people on the go that need a quick meal or families looking to have a nice dinner without having to spend a fortune. Our relaxed 1950s dining atmosphere will take you back to a time when life was less hectic. At the Classic Cafe, we offer fast food that doesn’t taste like fast food. Our hamburgers are made with 100% pure beef. We bake our own hamburger buns. Our fries and onion rings are cooked in 100% pure, cholesterol-free vegetable oil, and we use the freshest lettuce and tomatoes we can find. After your first meal, sign up for our free Classic Cafe membership card. Your membership will entitle you to 10% off all Classic Cafe baseball caps and T-shirts. Also, with your membership, after your tenth meal, the next one is free. So, come on over and treat yourself to a delicious cheeseburger and onion rings. Then, top it off with our world-famous strawberry shake. Classic Cafe is a great place to eat with friends and family.

32. For whom is this restaurant ideal?

A) Those who want to have a quick meal at a low cost
B) Those who want to enjoy French food in a fancy restaurant
C) Those who want to have vegetarian dishes
D) Those who want to get a 10% discount on every meal


33. What is NOT included as a reason to eat at the Classic Cafe?

A) It serves high-quality fast food.
B) Members get a 10% discount on the merchandise.
C) It has an old-fashioned and comfortable atmosphere.
D) It accepts all major credit cards.


34. How can the club members get a free meal?

A) By paying many times by credit card
B) By visiting ten times with the membership card
C) By signing up for the membership card
D) By purchasing club products like caps or T-shirts


Appliance sales dip 4.7 for 9th consecutive fall


Sales at major retailers of electrical appliances fell 4.7 percent in May from a year earlier to 166.7 billion Yen for the ninth straight monthly drop, the National Electronics Dealers Association, an independent organization, said Wednesday, as the market continues to show softness across the board. Sales of personal computers fell 19.3 percent to 20.7 billion, while those of televisions declined 15.3 percent to 12.9 billion, the association said.


TV sales posted a double-digit percentage drop for the first time in 15 months. However, this drip was widely anticipated following a spike in sales during the run-up to the recently concluded Asian Games, the association said. Sales of DVD players and recorders rose 23.2 percent to 3.8 billion, extending their growth streak to 43 months, while purchases of personal music devices, such as MP3 players continued to surge at an annualized growth rate of 46.2 percent.


Despite the disappointing results overall, the association expects electronic sales to steadily expand over the next year, as the next generation of personal computers arrives in the stores and the sales of home wireless computer and music systems accelerate.

35. What is the main purpose of this article?

A) To detail the causes for a drop in the sales of electronic goods
B) To describe the current state of the appliance market
C) To predict the future recovery of the electronics market
D) To report on advances in musical recording technology


36. Who provided the information for this article?

A) The Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry
B) The Electronics Regulatory Committee
C) A private trade organization
D) A well-known electronics manufacturer


37. According to the article, which electronic good has posted the strongest gain in sales?

A) Office computers
B) Widescreen televisions
C) DVD players
D) Personal music devices


38. What prediction does the article make about the future market conditions for electronic goods?

A) They remain flat for the next three quarters.
B) They will mildly decline over the next six months.
C) They will increase as a result of upcoming sporting events.
D) They will gradually pick up over the coming year.


Each month, the rising or falling prices of goods-that is, the presence of inflation or deflation in the economy-are measured by the consumer price index (CPI). And the announcement of the CPI has a pronounced effect on a variety of phenomena, from stock prices to bond yields to interest rates. Following is a description of how the CPI is compiled each month.


– Four hundred data collectors visit stores and gather 80,000 retail-price quotes and 5,000 housing-rent quotes.

– Forty commodity analysts at the Bureau of Labor Statistics review about a quarter of this extensive pricing data.

– Nine days before the release of the CPI, the Bureau’s facility is locked down-with bright red “off-limits area” signs

posted on all the doors.

– Ninety people-a mix of commodity analysts and other economists who specialize in assembling the CPI-compute basic indexes for 211 item categories, which are divided into 38 index areas.


Final results are released at 8.30 A.M. About two weeks after the month for which consumer prices are being measured.

39. What does the information mainly describe?

A) How consumer prices rise in value
B) How consumer prices relate to inflation
C) How the consumer price index is calculated
D) How the consumer price index effects the economy-are


40. Which of the following is NOT mentioned as an economic factor which the announcement of the CPI may directly effect?

A) Earning for bonds
B) Rates of interest
C) Equity prices
D) Housing costs


41. What happens in the nine days prior to the release of the CPI report?

A) Data is collected from numerous sources.
B) Forty analysts divide and evaluate price information
C) Access to the CPI office areas is restricted
D) The CPI spokesperson begins issuing announcements.


The Singapore Grand Hotel is a popular and prestigious setting for conferences, trade shows, private parties, and public receptions. Its meeting facilities are superbly-equipped with state-of-the-art technology, its reception halls are spacious and comfortable, and its guest services can support nearly any event. In recent years, the hotel’s meeting facilities have been vastly expanded with the addition of the Millennium function rooms, the Chen Hall, and the expansive Grand Marais Conference Center, providing a perfect venue for activities ranging from product displays to trade exhibits and from car shows to electronic bazaars. These, combined with the ballroom and multipurpose function rooms, provide ideal accommodations for almost any event, from weddings to annual corporate meetings.


The hotel also offers a wide-range of services for businesspeople attending conferences: telecommunications systems, computers with e-mail and internet access, and dictaphones, in addition to express mail, telephone answering, and secretarial services. The hotel boasts a rooftop helipad for swift transit to the airport as well as ground transportation leaving every 15 minutes.

42. Who is this brochure mainly intended for?

A) Domestic vacationers
B) Hotel industry workers
C) Members of the diplomatic corps
D) People wishing to organize a special event


43. What is probably the fastest way to get to the airport from the hotel?

A) Helicopter
B) Taxi
C) Airport shuttle
D) Express train




Direct Deposit


Investors who want to automatically deposit funds into their accounts on a weekly, monthly, or quarterly basis can now sign up for the Eurotrade direct deposit service. You can transfer funds from nearly any European Union bank, brokerage house, or credit union to your Eurotrade account. To take advantage of this innovative feature, print out, fill in and mail to us a copy of the direct deposit application form posted on our Web site. You may also call Client Services at 1-600-669-3900 to request application forms.


Please note the following limitations:

– All monies deposited are subject to a 5-business-day hold before they can be accessed.

– A 100-Euro minimum per deposit is required.

– Your direct deposits, for whatever period you have set, will be ongoing until you provide Eurotrade with written instructions halting the payments.

– Pension accounts are ineligible for direct deposit.

44. For whom is the announcement mainly intended?

A) Stock market analysts
B) Financial institutions
C) Government pensioners
D) Investment clients


45. How can a person sign up for direct deposit services?

A) By mailing in an application
B) By telephoning Client Services
C) By faxing a form to Eurotrade
D) By completing an online request


46. What restriction does the direct deposit service have?

A) Only retirement accounts are qualified.
B) Customers amy only deposit 100 Euros at a time.
C) Deposited funds are unavailable for about a week.
D) One must maintain a Eurotrade checking account.