Here’s a mouth-watering cookie recipe for you to try at home. You will need two cups each of margarine, white sugar and brown sugar; four eggs, four cups of flour, 1 teaspoon of baking powder, a pinch of salt and a cup of milk chocolate chips. First of all, pre-heat the oven to 350 degrees Fahrenheit. Take a large bowl and cream together the margarine and sugar until they are smooth. Then add the eggs, one by one. Sift the flour and baking powder into the mixture and add the salt. Finally add the chocolate chips. Drop spoonfuls of the mixture onto ungreased cookie sheets and bake for eight to ten minutes until the edges are golden brown. Cool for one hour before eating.

1. Which of the following is NOT an ingredient in the recipe?

A) cream
B) flour
C) eggs
D) margarine

2. What must the cook do first?

A) Put the margarine and sugar in a bowl
B) Turn on the oven
C) Sift the flour
D) Break the eggs

3. Which of the following items is needed to make this recipe?

A) a microwave
B) a sieve
C) a saucepan
D) a knife

4. Which of the following ingredients is added last?

A) salt
B) baking powder
C) chocolate chips
D) eggs


A new ruling which came into effect last week requires some homeowners to purchase new smoke alarms. The ordinance states that there should be a fire alarm installed in every bedroom of the house, and these alarms must comply with certain safety standards. Some local residents are displeased at these new regulations. Gwen Ellis of McKinley says that to meet with the new regulations, she has to buy five new alarms to replace the ones she installed just six months ago . With fire alarms costing up to $20 a piece, this is an unwelcome ruling for many people. Fortunately, the McKinley Fire Department is offering grants for homeowners and will provide and install new fire alarms free of charge. If you have small children or are older than 65 years of age, you may be eligible for these. The McKinley Fire Department has 5,000 smoke alarms to give away. To inquire about obtaining a free alarm, or to find out whether you qualify, call 692-569-0372.

5. Which of the following is true about the new rule?

A) Every house should have five fire alarms.
B) All fire alarms must be of a certain quality.
C) All fire alarms need to first be approved by the Fire Department.
D) All fire alarms must be less than six months old.

6. How much do five fire alarms cost?

A) $20
B) $100
C) $120
D) $4

7. Which of the following people may be able to receive a free fire alarm?

A) an elderly couple
B) a family of two adults and two teenagers
C) a woman living alone
D) a man who owns his own home

8. What does the number 5,000 refer to?

A) the number of people who are eligible for free smoke alarms
B) the number of smoke alarms which need to be replaced in the town of McKinley
C) the number of smoke alarms which have already been installed by the Fire Department
D) the number of smoke alarms which are available free to certain people

9. Why did Gwen Ellis have to buy new smoke alarms?

A) her old alarms stopped working
B) she now has a young family
C) her previous alarms didn’t meet the safety regulations
D) she has just moved into a new house


After continuing supply difficulties with Aspen Utilities, the resident’s association board has decided to contract a more reliable utilities provider. From now on, Chambers Inc. will handle all our gas and electric needs . Representatives from Chambers will visit here for a routine safety check next week . They will inspect every apartment in order to ensure that the gas and electric connections are secure.

Please check the notice board tomorrow. We will post a timetable then indicating the days when each building will be inspected . You will need to make sure that someone is at home between 4 p.m. On these particular days .

Thank you,

Pine Apartment Residents’ Association

10. What will happen tomorrow?

A. Routine safety checks will be conducted.
B. A schedule of events will be announced.
C. Utilities will be temporarily unavailable.
D. A meeting agenda will be posted.

11. For whom is this notice intended?

A. Local business owners
B. Executives from Aspen Utilities
C. Representatives from Chambers Inc
D. Occupants of the Pine Apartment


Dear Mr. John:

I would like to thank you for opening an account with our firm. As one of the leading firms in this industry, we can guarantee you that our services and products will meet your needs.

I want to take this opportunity to briefly set forth our terms and conditions to maintain an open account with our company. You must pay invoices within 20 days of receipt, with a 5% discount available if your payment is paid within 15 days of receipt. We consider this incentive a great opportunity for our clients to increase their profit margin and therefore encourage the use of this discount privilege whenever possible. However, we require that you pay our invoices within the specified time, for our clients to take advantage of this 5% discount privilege. This discount is valid only for regularly-priced products.

At many times throughout the year, we may provide our clients with additional discounts on our goods. In determining your cost in this case, you should apply your special discount first and then calculate your 5% discount for early payment.

As the credit manager, I am happy to answer any questions you may have about your new account. I can be reached at the following number (308) 332-5324. Welcome to our member of clients.

Yours sincerely,

Monica Perry

Credit manager of SB Coffee Care Cafe


12. Why is this letter written?

A. To apply to the credit manager
B. To open a new account
C. To describe the discount policy
D. To get a discount

13. Which of the following is TRUE statement?

A. Monica Perry’s e-mail address is carecoffee@cafe.com.
B. The credit manager is fussy to answer any questions.
C. The letter is written to Coffee Car Cafe
D. Chris Russel’s phone number is (206) 283-8485

14. What is mentioned about SB Coffee House, Ltd.?

A. Money is payable within 20 days of receipt.
B. 5% discount will be given every month.
C. The prices of the coffee products
D. The company has been established a year ago.


Message for: Daniel White, Operations Manager

Caller: Marina Scott, Ms Repair Center

Caller’s contact: 010-552-775

Time: 3:47 p.m., Monday June 18


You can collect your vehicle from the repair center this afternoon. The total cost of the service comes to $345.50. Acting on your request, the tires have been rotated, and the battery has been replaced. Also, after the repairmen inspected the rest of the vehicle and realized that what you said was right, they performed a wheel alignment. As usual, complimentary oil changes were also provided. You will receive a more detailed account of the charges and services rendered on pickup.

15. What was the main purpose of Marina Scott’s Call?

A. To tell a customer his vehicle is ready for pickup
B. To inform a client of a mechanical problem with his car
C. To quote a price estimate for a vehicle check-up
D. To demand an overdue payment for a repair service

16. What is NOT requested by Mr. Daniel?

A. Tire rotation
B. An oil change
C. A battery replacement
D. Wheel alignment


Notice to Our Clients !

Last updated : December 22

This notice states our privacy regulation. You are accepting the regulation described in this Privacy Policy Notice by visiting Bookstore.com.

Information You Give Us:

We obtain and store any data and information you enter on our web page or give us in any other way. Check examples of what we gather. You can choose not to give certain data and information, but then you might not be able to take advantage of our numerous features. We make use of the information that you give us for such purposes as easily communicating with you, responding to your inquiries, and customizing future shopping for you, improving our store environment.

E-mail Communications:

In order to help us make e-mails more interesting and useful, we often receive a confirmation when you open e-mail from Bookstore.com if your computer supports such capabilities. Also, we compare our client list to lists gained from other firms, in an effort to avoid sending needless messages and information to our clients. If you do not hope to receive a mail or e-mail from our company, please change your Client Communication Preferences. If you do not change your communication preferences, our mailing system will continue sending mail or e-mail to you.

Information from Other Sources :

We might receive data and information related to you from other sources and add it to our customer account information.

17. What is this notice about?

A. Privacy policy of Bookstore.com
B. Newly revised return policy
C. One to one customer service
D. Special order service for our-of-stock products

18. What is NOT true in the notice?

A. Bookstore.com keeps personal information of customers for a certain period.
B. Customers can refuse to provide certain information.
C. Bookstore.com is gathering information of customers in many ways.
D. Bookstore.com compares its customer list to ones from other companies.

19. According to the notice, what is the purpose of Bookstore.com for gathering customers’ personal information?

A. To figure out its sales amount for the yearly report
B. To personalize and continually improve customers’ shopping experience
C. To arrange information for subcontractors
D. To attract shoppers with its vast database to Bookstore.com


Announcing Gunnison Motors’ Annual January Mega Sale!

That’s right. It’s the beginning of a new year, and that means great deals for you!

Gunnison Motors is splashing prices on all 2006 car and truck models to make room for our new inventory. We have everything you could ask for. Whether you’re interested in a gas-saving small sedan, or a powerful and roomy SUV, you’ve got to come check out our selection.

Buy now and receive incredible financing options on all of our vehicles. You’ll pay absolutely nothing for the first 12 months, with no interest! You can’t beat a deal like this. So don’t miss the Gunnison Motors’ Annual January Mega Sale!

20. For whom is this advertisement intended?

A.) Owners of 2006 trucks
B.) Someone who wants to buy a used car
C.) A person in need of a new vehicle
D.) Car factory workers

21. Why is the sale being held?

A.) To clear out the dealer’s old vehicles
B.) To promote brand-new models
C.) To celebrate the business’s anniversary
D.) To attract customers in a new region


From: Erica Smith, Operations Assistant

To: Sales Department Employees

Subject: August Sales

Date: September 7

This is Erica Smith from the vice president’s office. I would like to congratulate everyone in the sales department for making August our best month yet this year. We sold a record number of one-bedroom homes last month, which helped bring our total sales to $4,845,860! In fact, over $2.5 million of this came from sales of one-bedroom homes alone. As you know, sales of one-bedroom homes from the previous month came to just $1.8 million, & our total sales added up to $4.3 million. From this comparison you can see why we’re so delighted with the results from August!

This achievement is particularly remarkable considering the current downturn in the housing market. Many of our competitors have had to cut their staffs and scale back operations. Our numbers, on the other hand, remain strong.

Cheryl Sealey, our CEO, has noticed the tremendous contributions of the sales department and would like the opportunity to personally thank each and every one of you. This Friday at 3 p.m., there will be a reception in the cafeteria with Ms. Sealey. Refreshments will be provided. All members of the sales department are invited to attend.

22. Why did Ms. Smith write this memo?

A. To thank employees for their hard work
B. To discuss trends in the industry
C. To set a target goal for next month’s sales
D. To warn employees of a downsizing plan

23. Around how much did the company make in sales in July?

A. $1.8 million
B. $2.5 million
C. $4.3 million
D. $4.8 million

24. What did employees achieve last month?

A. Achieving the most sales in the area
B. Constructing a record number of new homes
C. Making the company number one in the region
D. Selling more single-bedroom houses that ever before

25. What does Ms. Smith say about the housing market?

A. It will continue to worsen.
B. It is beginning to improve.
C. It is presently unfavorable.
D. It was stronger last month.


June 21

Dear Ashley :

I hope that business is well in Cairo. It’s been a while since I talked with you and Mr. Lim. I think that a needed vacation has finally come, unfortunately I won’t be enjoying my vacation time right now. I’m sure you and Mr. Lim feel the same way, but you know how business can be.

Ashley, Beta has had some recent problems that have come to my immediate attention. We have a shipment of ten cranes that were expected to be shipped on July 1st. I received the order in needed for this shipment because of some other contracts that have taken top priority. Raymond tried to make arrangements with Melvin Cransey, the supervisor of the ICO bureau of the Egypt Ministry of Construction and Land Management, to help speed up the approval process. Unfortunately, I think we didn’t get much help from her. With Ramadan coming soon, I think that it will be very hard to process the business, so we have to work fast before employees leave to spend times with their families. The Production Manager has worried about this shipment and there is a total of 30 cranes that have been ordered by AK Equipment. They’re expected to receive 10 cranes continuously until September 22.

I want you to help to speed up government approval. I really wanted to appreciate everything you’ve done for Beta in the past. I think you agree that we need to help the U.S. Government retain good relations with this country since business has been very successful.

I’m leaving for Cairo Monday to have a meeting with some officials to deal with another business. I want to get together with you as quickly as possible when I arrive, so we can hopefully get this matter taken care of.I’ll be staying at the Hotel Nikki in Cairo. If you want to talk to me before I leave, I’ll be in my office late this evening, or you can reach my cellular phone number: 010-24-0332-7556-4535. I look forward to meeting you soon.


John Delpart

26. How could Ashley reach Delpart before she leaves for Cairo?

A. By letter
B. By e-mail
C. By phone
D. By cable

27. When did Delpart write this letter?

A. February 1, 2008
B. July 1, 2008
C. August 11, 2008
D. June 21, 2008

28. How many cranes did the AK Equipment order?

A. 10
B. 30
C. 5
D. 1

29. What is Delpart asking for Ashley to do?

A. Help speed up the approval process
B. Take a vacation
C. Maintain good relationships
D. Order more cranes


67 Woodside Lane

Petaluma, CA 94952

November 9, 2006


Human Resources Director

Small Book Distributors

101 Dana Street

Carlsbad, CA 92009


Dear Ms. Prendergast,


It is with great interest that I read your advertisement for a sales agent in the Petaluma region. Please find attached my most recent resume. I have been working in the field of publishing since graduating from high school and have several years’ experience in sales.

Your advertisement specifies that you require someone who is an effective communicator and used to cold-calling. My present position requires that I make phone calls to educational establishments in order to make sales of textbooks and supplementary materials. These calls are usually made to busy teachers who do not always appreciate being disturbed by a stranger during their busy work day. It can be quite a challenge to engage these teachers, but I am proud to be able to say that last year, I achieved record sales for my company in the area of textbook sales.

I am a self-motivated person who enjoys working with people. I believe Small Book Distributors is the kind of place where I would fit in, and I hope to have the opportunity to discuss this vacancy in person.



Jim Hamilton

Small Book Distributors

101 Dana Street

Carlsbad, CA 92009

Tel: 619-431-4026

Fax: 619-431-4327


November 12, 2006


Mr. Jim Hamilton

67 Woodside Lane

Petaluma, CA 94952


Dear Mr. Hamilton,


Thank you for sending your letter and resume. They arrived on November 11th. We appreciate your interest in Small Book Distributors. Your skills appear to match our requirements very closely, and we are interested in finding out more about you. I would like to schedule an interview with you on November 24th at 9:30. Please call the above telephone number to confirm the time. I am enclosing a catalog for you to review.


I look forward to meeting you.




Laura Prendergast

Human Resources Director


30. What does Jim often have to do in his current job?

A) Make calls during the cold weather season
B) Visit schools
C) Telephone people who are not expecting to hear from him
D) Train teachers to use new textbooks

31. What achievement is Jim proud of?

A) His excellent sales record
B) His high school graduation
C) His resume writing ability
D) His background in publishing

32. What is the main purpose of Laura Prendergast’s letter?

A) To acknowledge receipt of Jim’s resume
B) To arrange an interview
C) To get Him to buy some books from their catalog
D) To organize an interview time

33. What must Jim do now?

A) Go to SBD on November 24th at 9:30
B) Call Ms. Prendergast
C) Confirm the interview time by return letter
D) Purchase something from the catalog

34. What is Ms. Prendergast’s job?

A) She hires new employees.
B) She directs all the people in the company.
C) She finds new resources for company supplies.
D) She is a secretary.


The Telephone Connection’s new Call-Connect plan is the greatest savings program in long distance calls. Save on our already low basic rates when you spend as little as $10.00 a month. Save 50% on all Telephone Connection card calls within the US every time you call home or to members in your Call-Connect group. There’s never a monthly fee. There are home savings, too! Incur a 25% savings automatically on all direct-dial calls to anyone in the US. Any month you spend $50 or more, your discount automatically increases to 30%, with a 50% savings to the members in your Call-Connect group.


We’re here to help you 24 hours a day so call us with any questions, any time or email us at TCC-inquiry@TTC.com

To: TCC-inquiry@TTC.com

From: Reese Winters

Subject: Call-Connect Plan

Date: February 7, 2006


To Whom It May Concern:


I recently read your advertisement for the Telephone Connection’s new Call-Connect plan. I have been using a discount plan offered by your competitors, but I have not been satisfied with the quality of the line. Call-Connect looks like a very convenient plan, but I would like to ask a few questions before I decide whether or not it is the right plan for me.

First, your advertisement mentions that you can save 50% on calls “to members in your Call-Connect group.” I am not quite sure what this means. Does it refer to a group of numbers that I will select to qualify for the extra discount, or does it mean people who are also already TC customers?

Secondly, the ad says that if I spend more than $50, the discount increases to “30%, with a 50% savings to the members in your Call-Connect group.” Yes as I understand it, the calls to the members in the Call-Connect group already qualify for a 50% discount. What exactly is the discount being given in this case?


I look forward to your reply.



R. Winters.

35. Which statement is NOT true about TC’s Connect-Call plan?

A) You save 25% on calls to anyone in the US.
B) You must spend $50 a month to get cheaper rates.
C) You always save 50% on calls made within the US.
D) There is no monthly fee.

36. If you spend more than $50, what happens?

A) You lose your 25% automatic savings.
B) Your charges automatically increase to 30%
C) You must call customer service to check your account status.
D) You save 30% on all subsequent calls.

37. Why did Rees Winters write to Telephone Connection?

A) To update her service
B) To complain about the service
C) To get further information
D) To find out a phone number

38. What kind of long distance provider has Reese been using?

A) An expensive one
B) One run by Telephone Connection
C) One run by Telephone Connection’s competitors
D) An Internet based line

39. What does Reese want to know?

A) Whom she can call at the cheapest rate and what discount
B) Whether the 50% discount refers to international calls
C) Whether the rates change on the weekend
D) If there is a discount for calls made after midnight


Credit Department

Holledge Auto Parts Supply

87 Huntley Passage

June 30, 2006


REF: #1332-78

Dear Mr. Iovino,


Re: Overdue Payment


I am writing in reference to an overdue invoice on account # 1332-78. Your account balance of March 31,2006 is now four months overdue. This is the last letter that I will be writing to you regarding this matter.

As you know, payment was due on April 29, 2006. Our invoice clearly requests full payment within 30 days of delivery. We have not even received partial payment. In fact, we have received no communication from you at all, including no response to my letters of May 5th and June 5th. If we do not receive payment in full by July 5, 2006, we will be forced to take appropriate action.


We look forward to your prompt response.



Tom King

The Repair Place #2

West Gate Estate



July 1st


Credit Department

Holledge Auto Parts Supply

87 Huntley Passage


Dear Mr. King,


Re: Letter Ref: #1332-78


Thank you for your letter of June 30th. This was the first contact that I have had from Holledge Auto Parts Supply since placing my order in March. In fact, if you check your records, you will find that the order was canceled the same day that it was placed. Despite the cancellation, the parts were delivered to our West Gate Estate branch, but were then returned immediately, unopened.

I am not sure how this kind of mix up has occurred, but I can assure you that there is no money owed by The Repair Place #2. I would appreciate if you could adjust your records accordingly to reflect this fact.



Louis Iovino

40. According to Tom Kin’s letter, when was the delivery made?

A) March 31st
B) July 5th
C) July 30th
D) 30 days from now


41. According to this fax, what must Louis Iovino do?

A) Write a letter acknowledging receipt of the fax
B) Call Holledge Auto Parts as soon as possible
C) Pay the full amount before July 5th
D) Pay half the amount whenever he feels like it

42. What should Mr. Iovino have done to avoid this fax?

A) He should have changed his fax number.
B) He should have paid the full amount by April 29th.
C) He should have paid 5% two months before.
D) He should have declared the shipment faulty.

43. How many times has Tom King contacted Louis Iovino regarding this matter?

A) 1
B) 2
C) 3
D) 4

44. According to Louis Iovino, why has nothing been paid to Holledge Auto Parts?

A) Because the order was canceled
B) Because the goods were faulty
C) Because the deliver never arrived
D) Because his company has gone bankrupt



Date: September 1, 2005

To: Reservations Agent, The Continental Hotel

Fax: 011-65-338-8585

From: Kelvin Rodriguez

Fax: 312-549-5172


Subject: Reservation confirmation

Pages: This page only


I would like to confirm my hotel reservation, as per our telephone conversation earlier this afternoon. I will be staying for three nights, arriving on October 3rd and departing on October 6th. My flight doesn’t land until 11:30 p.m., which is long after your 6 p.m. Check-in deadline, so I am a little concerned that my reservation might get canceled. I would like to request your reassurance that my room will be held until my arrival, even if I don’t get to the hotel until after midnight. Please reconfirm this by return fax. I would also like to request a non-smoking, corner room, well away from the main road. Thank you for your assistance.


I look forward to my stay at your hotel.


Sincerely yours,

Kelvin Rodriguez


Date: September 2nd


To: Kelvin Rodriguez

Fax: 312-549-5172

Sender: Russell Bentley, The Continental Hotel Reservations

Fax: 011-65-338-8585

Subject: Re: Reservation Confirmation


Thank you for your fax. I was not aware that you would be arriving so late; however, it has now been noted in the reservations database, and I can assure you that your reservation will be honored, no matter what time you arrive at the hotel. I do have you down for a non-smoking single room. Unfortunately, there are no suitable corner rooms left for the nights you will be staying with us. The hotel itself is located up a long driveway well away from the road, so you should not be bothered by the sound of traffic.


Now, I just need your credit card number to secure your reservation. Please fax it to us at your earliest convenience.



Russell Bentley

45. What can be said about Mr. Rodriguez?

A) He is unconcerned about his check in time.
B) He wants a quiet room.
C) He wants assurances that the room will be perfect.
D) He is a smoker.

46. How did Mr. Rodriguez make his initial reservation?

A) By fax
B) By email
C) By telephoned
D) By text message

47. What time will he be checking in, most likely?

A) 11:30 p.m.
B) 6 p.m.
C) After midnight
D) Around 12:00 p.m.

48. Why is there no need for Mr. Rodriguez to worry about traffic noise?

A) He doesn’t drive.
B) He will be arriving by airplane.
C) The hotel is located far from the road.
D) He will be arriving late at night.

49. What information does Mr. Bentley require?

A) Mr. Rodriguez’s credit card number
B) Mr. Rodriguez’s work number
C) Mr. Rodriguez’s social security number
D) Mr. Rodriguez’s address



Do you often take domestic flights? Collecting air miles, but still not getting anywhere? If you think it takes too long to earn free flights with other frequent flyer programs, you are not alone. Why don’t you join the club? The Western Airlines Flight Club. We may not be the most famous, but we can promise you we are one of the best. The Western Airlines Flight Club gets you on free flights faster because we reward you for the number of trips you take, not how many miles you fly. For anyone who takes mostly domestic flights, it’s a great way to earn a free flight. Join our club by taking 8 round trips (2 one ways = 1 round trip) within 12 consecutive months on Western Airlines*.Before boarding each flight, have our Customer Service Agent stamp your application. Once you’ve received 16 stamps, mail in your application and we’ll send you a plastic embossed membership card which you will use to receive credit on all future flights, a free round-trip ticket to anywhere in the continental US, and a free drink coupon book. Remember, credit must be obtained prior to flight. Unfortunately, we cannot credit passengers for past flights.

Call 1-888-888-8888 for an application form or download our printable form from our website at

www.western.flightclub.co. Get started now!


*A full list of conditions may be viewed on our website. The number of free flights that can be taken within a 12-month period by an individual is limited to a maximum of four. Stamps are not transferable.

50. Which of the following is NOT required in order to qualify for a free

A) Applications must be stamped prior to boarding every flight.
B) Passengers must fly once a month for 12 months.
C) Passengers must get 16 stamps.
D) Applications must be mailed in when they have 16 stamps.

51. What is different about this frequent flyer program?

A) 2 one-way trips are the same as a roundtrip
B) You get a free drink coupon booklet with your first free flight.
C) The rewards are fast, and you get to join a club.
D) It doesn’t matter how far you fly.

52. How many free flights can a passenger take in one year?

A) As many as they qualify for
B) A maximum of 12
C) A maximum of 4
D) One

53. How can customers obtain an application form?

A) By flying with Western Airlines
B) By calling a special phone line or downloading the form
C) By sending a fax to Western Airlines
D) By attending a special seminar



Western Banks Personal Banking Services


We offer you easy access to your money, friendly professional staff, and few bank charges. At Western Banks, we know what you want because it’s what we want, too.

Just take a look at the benefits of opening a Monthly Saver Return account:


With a monthly balance of $1,000.00, these services are yours:


  • Account managers who are professionally trained personal bankers. You will be assigned your own personal manager who will oversee all transactions on your account.
  • Waiver of handling charges for fund transfers up to 10 times outbound and 5 inbound per month, regardless of account balance. (Note that all additional fund transfers will be charged at a rate of 3% of sum being transferred.)
  • No fees when depositing foreign currency checks into your account. (Offer is limited to certain currencies – ask for a list of all accepted currencies.)
  • 24-hour, toll-free phone banking service available seven days a week.
  • Scheduled/automated Electronic fund transfers – make your bills easy to pay.
  • More than 400 24-hour ATMs. (No charge for deposits or withdrawals.)
  • Consolidated monthly bank statements. No charge if balance remains above $1,000.00. Open your account now with $1,000.00 and collect a complimentary travel clock, plus 10% discount voucher for Journey Man luggage.

*Note that if your balance falls below $1,000.00, you may be liable to additional bank charges. Interest will not be paid on accounts with a balance of less than $1,000.00.


54. Whom is this brochure aimed at?

A) Individuals who conduct international financial transactions
B) Businesses that need international corporate banking services
C) Personal bankers with less than $1,000 monthly balance
D) Account managers who need to bank after hours

55. How many times per month can you have money transferred into your account, free of charge?

A) 10 but only with a $1,000 average monthly balance
B) 7, regardless of your balance
C) 5, with an average monthly balance $1,000
D) 5, regardless of your balance

56. According to the brochure, which of the following is NOT possible?

A) Paying a dredit card bill electronically on a Sunday afternoon
B) Automatically transferring $2,000 on the 3rd of every month to your business account in Paris
C) Transferring funds to another bank fifteen times in a month, without incurring charges
D) You use your ATM card to withdraw $250.00 late on a Friday night.

57. What is the minimum sum of money it is advisable to keep in this account?

A) $1
B) As much as you can afford
C) There is no limit.
D) $1,000