McBrown English Thailand
10 Dec

The Tribes

It was reported by CNN that some researchers had discovered something very interesting among social 3 weeks ago, They had looked, through a monitor, at the footage taken by a drone flown for surveying in the sky up the Amazon. There was someone walking back and forth on the ground near a thatched structure while no one knew that their behaviours were being watched by the researchers. They are native tribe people living in the deep jungle which is 400 kilometre far from the nearest city. They have had a simple life without connecting with the outside world.

According to human rights, they will be protected by Funai, a foundation of which task is to protect a benefit of any native tribes. But a good intention seems to be so scaring due to mine industry that was happening in their homes, of which environment was, and still is, so abundant, which affected to disappearance of a number of trees. What was more, that colonial government often forced contact and gave what they don’t actually need like a new clinic, which the so-called ‘outside world’ believe is a cure, is destroying their tradition. They are being in trouble as the new clinic cannot moderate their illnesses. Furthermore, The new bacteria which comes along with outside people has resulted to a new outbreak among them.

The expert suggested that they should remain rejecting the contact with the outside world and allowing tribes to decide their own fates. Additionally, most people think that the outside people should not be associated with the tribes as they can have existed without any sustenances long before being discovered.

Writer: Chonlada Ngarmsa-ard (Student ID – 60107)
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