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7 Dec

Sharks are back in Maya bay!

In modern age, people spend so much time working. Therefore, To rest is a part of their life which accounted for reward of life. There are plenty of countries, but Thailand is such a popular choice that they choose for their vacation. Despite being perfect and peaceful including a lot of nice people, the problem is it is wracked from unawareness of tourists which resulted to a huge number of effects which are hard to improve.

Maya gulf of which sea water is so clear that we can see various creators such as a little fish is located on PP island ,Krabi ,Thailand. The abundance of its nature and good ozone had led to tourism, hence, a lot of tourists take their rest which unintentionally resulted in destruction. Therefore, the staff has announced that it is necessary to close the gulf to improve and develop the natural in order to be better.

Currently, the news reported that more than 100 Black-tip reef sharks were found in Maya gulf that showed the success of the improvement and the development. It is expressed by the specialists that this gulf is more abundant which matched with breeding of the sharks which is a good reason for them to come back here.

The similar event happened more than 10 years ago. The habit of sharks is that they co-habit near a shore. They can easily be found in sea. That clusters of sharks choose this place for bleeding which means a number of population of sharks must increase. That is the great sign of conservation that will happen in the future.

Coming back of sharks is so surprising it shows how abundant and secured the sea is. In addition, it indicates that the staff is successful for developing and improving this place. The conservation is not the duty of someone, but everyone should participate to preserve for ourselves and other organisms in this world.


Noey Chonlada