The population of most cities is growing as people move to cities to find work and new opportunities. What problems does overpopulation in cities cause? How can these problems be solved?






The population of the world is an ever increasing number. In most parts of the world, the cities are densely populated. Moreover, this figure keeps on increasing as people move to urban areas for jobs and better opportunities. Overcrowding of the cities leads to multiple problems. The government and civic authorities can help mitigate this problem by taking appropriate steps.

Overpopulation poses multiple problems and concerns for a city. Often, people have trouble seeking accommodation, those who do not have sufficient funds resort to staying in shanties and slums. Lack of proper living facilities leads to a variety of health and hygiene problems. There are limited opportunities to find work, so people take up odd jobs in order to earn their daily bread. Transportation is also affected. Transport facilities are designed to cater to the needs of many commuters. Overpopulation is a burden upon transport facilities and this is seen in many cities today; overcrowded trains, buses and multiple traffic jams. Overall overpopulation is a strain on the economy and environment.

The government needs to devise methods and ways to combat this issue. Proper civic planning is a must. Taking audits and census on a variety of parameters related to the public is a necessity. Strategies can then be implemented in phases to curb this issue. Providing better jobs and other facilities in parts outside the city is the need of the hour. Passing certain regulations and tabling laws regarding residency and citizenship can help limit overcrowding. For instance, any individual wishing to reside in the city must possess the appropriate documents and reasons for such a move.

In conclusion, overpopulation poses a significant threat on the world today. The government and civic officials need to develop solutions or look for alternatives in order to tackle this issue.