In many countries, people are moving away from rural areas and towards urban areas. Why do you think that is? What problems can this cause?






Travelling has always been an integral part of our lives since ages and people often travelled from one place to another in search of food, livelihood or just to explore other places. However, in recent times, the shift of people from the rural to the urban places has dramatically increased, causing some issues in the urban and rural areas.

The main reason for urbanization is the desire of getting better job and salary. Jobs in rural areas usually require a lot of physical effort, with lesser salary as compared to the urban jobs which are less tiring. For instance, a farmer in India works day in and day out but often earns less than a IT professional working part time. Even more, there is a risk of crop failure, leaving them broke.

Another reason for the shift is that people in rural areas are often attracted to the luxuries of urban world. People living in urban areas are aware of technologies that make lives easier, however those living in rural areas tend to lead a simple life. Even more, there are better education opportunities in cities, causing people to make living in cities.

The main problem caused by this is the increasing density of city. With more and more people shifting towards cities, often the city is not able to provide them accommodation or job. As a result, people are forced to live in damped areas and take up job worse than they were doing in rural areas. Even more, it causes increased traffic and often increased level of crimes. Example, people often move in cities, but with lack of job they take up the path of crime.

Overall, although cities provide great opportunities for people moving in there, in my opinion it is better to move in if there are options for available. An unplanned shift often causes problems both for the people and the city.