UK – West Country 3

David it’s lovely to see here at

collector mania today if there was an

award for world’s worst wedding planner

it would be sitting on your shelf at

home right now


what did you think

when you first got the script for the

red wedding

I thought this is going to

be fun but I knew a new world from

Season one or the first series and so I

knew what he was about I knew he was a

ruthless man but you know he exists in

the ruthless world and it’s the kind of

world where if someone makes a promise

I’d better keep it otherwise there’ll be

some kind of retribution and so I mean

he’s he is calculating and he’s hard but

he has to be it’s a harsh environment

that the series existed and it’s kind of

kill or be killed and and I want to

think about it I think well if someone

promises to marry your daughter and then

reneged on the deal it it tends to the

worst actually get around that you’re

you’re a soft touch and you can be

mucked around with and he doesn’t want

to be that man so I mean his um his

methods are probably a bit harsh of him

so he’s he wouldn’t win the in the tact

and diplomacy award certainly but he’s a

hard man he’s got all these kids he

wants to get married off because they’re

all on the payroll I mean got about

thirty seven forty odd children and a

lot of daughters and there just has to

get them out of the house and get them

married off and so and then clearly

finding it very hard and so I can kind

of actually I can’t say I can sympathize

with him of course not but

it’s it’s if you’re playing someone like

that you can’t just say okay this is

just an evil guy you’ve got to find take

into account the environment and the

background of the whole story and why he

does what he does and but he is he is a

very very ruthless man and great fun to

play and I

I enjoyed every I probably enjoyed it a

little bit too much actually than is

healthy for one but yeah so when when I

got the script for season 3 I thought

wow this is going to be great fun but we

had a terrific director called American

director called David Nutter who

directed Emmy award-winning episodes of

The Sopranos and many other things in

America and and so he took a whole week

to film like the massacre scene hope I’m

not getting fur there are a few people

out there who who haven’t seen it yet

and say I don’t want to know because

I’ve got it taped but I’ve had a lot of

quite interesting responses to it you know

from more the kind of best

reactions you had so far

oh people just

saying I can’t forgive you for what

you’ve done you know and the people

winding their car windows down well I

won’t repeat really but it’s all in kind

of in a good humor it’s from real

diehard fans who have seen some of their

favorite characters just get wiped out I

know it’s like the same Valentine’s Day

Massacre and


and I say we took a whole week to film

the scene because of a lot of lots of

blood about a lot of arrows and

but lives and it was just a bloodbath

and I had to watch it for the whole week

and just look like I was relishing it

what was your reaction when you saw it

on the screen how did you react to red


well I just thought that David

had directed it so well and I thought

wow this he’s gotta come back this guy

I’m still waiting to hear but I gather

he does come back at some point

so I’ll be I’ll be ready but I think

there’s some divine retribution waiting

for wall there somewhere along the way

or not maybe it might be one of those

things where because I think what my

kids said was um if if that can happen

to the stark so it can happen to anyone

so it’s not so it’s not a story where

you think all the good guys will win

through in the end and they can’t get

rid of sons own son so it means only all

the characters so it adds that element

of suspense to the whole story if if

anyone can be just disappeared

the moment’s notice

what do you think’s

left for the Starks now there’s only a

few of them left on the Arya and

that’s bran and Rickon

Oh as well as

Walder would say I don’t know and I

don’t care

he’s got his own problems

he’s got a lot of daughters to marry

Arthur theny

is yours oh he’s got his

own problems a lot of daughters to marry

Ozzy’s got a lot on his plate yes yes

and an awful lot of cleaning up to do

cleaning up fill for that you need some

professional services I think

oh yeah so

I think in probably Dino rather

something need to be called in

so that’s product placement sorry


so we spoke to you recently he plays

blackfish he must take the most

appropriately timed toilet break in any

TV show ever

Game of Thrones and he said to see you

did an amazing job because you had to as

you say you’re filming every week and

you had to that scene where you

introduced your daughters and the

various members your family over and

over and over again for all the

different angles how was that because

there’s so many names to remember


was we did that I think in a day and I

did 17 takes it was a four-page speech

and that was my first time I come back

in series 1 so thoughtful

thank you very much so we we went over

in a little bit because of course it has

to be covered by different shots on

every everybody has to be coming a lot

of people in the room so the camera a

lot of cameras set up and I asked the

continuity girl after that is how many

times did I do that today she’s in 77 so

yes a lot of names to remember but

that’s what that’s what we do and that’s

a I’ve done enough Shakespeare and stuff

and over the years know that

what you’ve got to do is just learn it

well before you get into the shooter

don’t leave it til the studio day

otherwise you’ve got plenty of other

stuff to think about the kisses as

cameras and cables and other people and

there’s you if you leave it to the last

minute to learn that you can be you can

be in trouble so I I always try and get

it all under my belt before I before I

go into the studio so not only will I I

know what I’m doing and who I’m saying

it to that but I can I can have a bit of

fun with it because you can it’s more

it’s more relaxing when you feel

confident about the words not that I

felt totally confident because I still

have a few I still forgot the odd autumn

now and again but we just we just did

this again you know

I think that’s

entirely forgiven but given the number

of doses you’ve got everything

yes yes

and we had one of my daughter’s fainted

during the filming because there the

heat from all the candles it must have

been about 100 candles in there big ones

and it got a bit warm and you know as

you seen my costume is there’s a lot of

fur and leather about yeah so it was

because they were all ready for a bit of

fresh air thing

any people with fans

cooling you down don’t you

right yes yes


talking about fans a different kind

of family we used a prize or how

surprised were you at the kind of level

of dedication at Game of Thrones fans

have because for example in the red

wedding you’ve got will champion his

driver for Coldplay wanting just an

extra role in the show huh

yes yes well

I had no idea until he was in the room

and someone said you know that is up in

the top gallery and I thought and he’d

taken time off from the band rehearsals

permission to come over huh

I don’t know if he and someone said he

paid for the trip himself he just wanted

to be an extra so the director said well

we got to be up in the gallery might as

well give you a drum so he played the

drums and perfect for Sirius Watchers

you know he’s there with his beard and

he was such a lovely guy he just wanted

to be in Game of Thrones and we were all

very honoured you know

incredible I mean

they’re great fans including will

overseeing what would you say you need

to survive in Game of Thrones and do you

think Walder Frey’s got what it takes

well I hope he has because I’d like him

to come back a lot more so I hope he

doesn’t have an early death or anything

I don’t know I don’t know what happened

but I think you certainly need an amount

of ruthlessness and and determination

and making the right choices and siding

with the right people and making sure

the Alliance’s that you make of the

right ones because if you if you backed

the wrong horse you could go by yourself

headless or whatever

talking about

striking deaths in the show obviously

wanting you back as Walder Frey but if

you had to go out in the show we’ve seen

some amazing death scenes how would you

like to meet your maker on Game of


I think maybe hung drawn and

quartered because I’ve never seen

anybody hung drawn and quartered either

either of course in real life or on film

but there was a lot about what about in

the medieval times and even later so I

think that would be that would be fun I

think it would have to be a lot of CGI

because I wouldn’t do that in one take


it’s been lovely to talk to you got

a message for your fans out there who

loved the show

oh well what can I say if

there’s any weddings coming up on the


so I promise to behave myself and if

I’ve said to you guys if as long as you

turn up there’ll be no trouble okay


we thank you so much da time

thank you

UK – West Country 4

no our were funny girl

I know we were I

know you are very funny bill oh yes


I got the old Frank good


Roy’s had tried to do his Mills you know

Oh Harlan Harlan measured LJ

you’ll make

a couple you’ll make a bloody groan


no you bloody

uh no no he tell primarily

Giza that haven’t come at a prime lady

like he say nice or more than one he

like cause he’s good no better the he he

did you put your all away boys

no it

wasn’t going to learn in like they

weren’t going to

make sure he was I

always remember the

oh yes had the right

Oh dr. pepper or dr. flipper whoa oh you

don’t want blood eating


lives up some brother why is he jerked

on you call me a doctor flip

Oh trick so

early center there


I know

Nene gee

what can we old but we will I’ll come

down together we’ll make him up in the


actually see we should always not

only oh


very funny people yeah there

you go the one

God is on a little good

at all

I’ve got this period now I step

nail them getting into bed polls to get

warm you’re going to be warm when you

get in you take the wall thing with you

you know you ought to go for a long walk

or you stand back I’ll get hot and go in

take the cold with you it will stop

there all night you take a bit of warmth

with you or they’ll push you get a house

brick and heat it up in the oven wrap it

in a cloth and shove that in it’s better

than any water bottle I’ve got a one two

three four flown kids six to raise

and you put them in layers and have told

you the way of hold it easy which layer

you get under you see and then you make

a mistake and get amber number three and

SAP sweating you have to climb out and

get under number one you know

I’ll leave the top dog most know it

anyway then there is another sir lives

in a village there was a nice table

water he disagreed per gallon rate but

the missus always put a vascularized and

will not be able for the gifts but they

wouldn’t satisfied without the adequate

water and give him the note towards

basement or ze always in message human

you leave it to me

died quietly said but keep rely on more

ice so when the kids come out of screwed

illegal in colony gravely so the next

day he was dead and he puts a little

nice little robbery they conceal but

don’t have all orderly gap and there was

a struggle towards eyes watery stuck

water and mud a Stoke dia was he said

the devil did not an arrest where they

got like a house a commercial school

daughter of heart run he got the engine

appeal in Boston she don’t come any no

they was either are albums he will see

course because the other way they

couldn’t go back they go straight to

gather trips remain in a readiness car

he just um he blowing whistle not get

the woman knows that was our car might

all the pool kids they were mud all over

the red were on offense they come from

up them outside the door yes

but the


I think I’d somebody comment that they

wanted to shop

yes hey bring anyone

happy Brigid annual

but if they had somebody early on

somewhere coming early I’m on d-sub

rugby baby I think I read that right so

we actually whoa ha

but I won’t they were old Frank I won’t

write with perd rotors on they just are

oh you be joking how do you get used to

our some some notes


the bonito mortarboard good thing about

me Sabra Mars is in the Sun rose anytime

didn’t create days off ever since ha

I don’t list MUC along

but I’m trying

eventually did worse


but her own

and then that he when he had that boiler

tour de when I were twelve one


cause they were glop well there was

drugs I

I know

and then one day how he go over her one

night hard well Mr Wong here



was on that he was aa friend brought me

buying a new burger drover

yes we are


you’re smart

no yeah yeah hey Miriam be a good thing

wrong your money

my money shot funny

give it away when huh

rake Raja yeah


we now it’s anymore for anyone it’s all

gadgets and computers and things you

know and printing something the sky so

people couldn’t you know press button

some things and that mobile phone with

it we’ve got to have begotten you

actually the youngsters coming to talk

or can’t leave with every phone aren’t

legal dope a computer course they can

run but I’m you need the air to breathe

then you improve to ease to live but

that’s the way they’re brought up are

supposed lower those makes it easier

prepare that suppose it’s like sitting

upstairs playing with the Machine I

don’t know

I don’t really want to know

you know

that legality

the real rhythm would

remove me thousand enjoy your typing

cool to the record


but do you around

and rap benefit draggin me right and a

he when the ligand enclosures and he

went up free back towards the leg and he

gone up your now cordon now is like this

this is Buster Evelyn over you I did you

wait and leave and I went now sugar

giraffe deed and since I’ve always tied

the bombs of me Kruger’s none of on

Tyson I Jesus Norman or tolerated yes


I asked each other rats

I thought of Everest like imitates could

you just hold gold

Gustavo when your leg senior in the

standard back of painted nahi hota once

and put the end of your what I don’t

rhythm we will fight hit boring I

thought it was a story a Jewish kick

mean John cuz he died me short color you

like cool like they’re hungry Longwood

getting this up for a game so identity

met them at orange cheese I own told me

short Bonjour

I just put your hanging your she was a

heavy enjoy your he didn’t turn her the

rock my there’s a running Mouse I just

boy soft rock engage a shot-caller

already pretty Danny he’s bull and is

big my turn put some Daniel Gretel

annoys a fellow anything I ever read

crawl all the way that I do by one boys

there’s no time but then you scrub in

the rich you’re such feel such a routine

then we have to scupper Rex before it’s

all [ __ ]

and I ve got to wonder oh my god dollar

later or who to grasp a lady who this


hello yeah you come paid she always

has any rap