UK – Scouse 2

see one take one

no the last people I kissed was probably

the entire cast and crew of killing Eve

when we wrapped 5:00 a.m. Monday morning

so yeah I think I give everyone a kiss

goodbye then

if I told you the last

scene I shop for killin Eve I would be


last accent I adopted this year I had to

do American with a film I shot in this

summer so that was new especially

because they deliver their jokes and

everything with different inflections

and all the rest of it so that was the

newest accent that I have adopted this

year that’s how I was starstruck at the

Golden Globes I met Jennifer Aniston I

know a little bit of me died inside

because she was so nice and that woman’s

arm muscles the definition in her arms


probably after the Golden Globes to get

a good picture of me and my outfit I


very rarely tell my agent no way but I

think a definite time in which I said

that to her was a request to be on

Celebrity Bear Grylls like no way

because nobody needs to see me drinking

my own urine on national television

ain’t about with my age and we ended up

in a karaoke party BB while the bridge

was host then and didn’t even turn off

we were the first ones there and I was

first up on karaoke so I’m very proud of


I can’t remember the last lie I

told it’s just probably scary because

maybe that means I do it a lot I don’t


this is really bad but I haven’t read a

book in a very very long time because I

really struggle when I’m reading scripts

to delve into anything else I’ve just

thoughts at East of Eden cuz again

Phoebe will abridge told me to read it

and anything that Phoebe well the bridge

tells me to do I’d do it

I just watch

don’t [ __ ] with cats is anyone else you

know it’s actually makes me a little bit

nervous last screen shot on my phone is

of a ridiculously expensive coat then I

want to buy but I won’t buy I’m good

this could be embarrassing oh I got hot

sauce in my eye so I was obviously

looking for attention and I ain’t going

into my deleted files y’all that’s


last time I really slid into someone’s

dams Amy Lou would off sex education

because I watched the first series and

was completely obsessed with her so I

felt that I needed to tell her I loved


the last time I was in Liverpool was for

my Vogue cover story I can’t remember

the last time we ate fish and chips was

just actually not making me really sad

should have fish and chips once a week

my dad calls me and my mum glory hunters

because we only ever go to the football

game when there’s some good good hukman

I think my last piece of advice which I

value the most is from myself I just

realized that the past year that I

should trust my gut I kind of got lost a

little bit and things happened that

reminded myself that I should listen to

myself you’re the person who knows what

the answer is and what it is that you

want to do so to trust my own got from

myself those were my last acts

thank you

UK – Scouse 3

how do I nail the ultimate best [ __ ]

resting face

I think a good and sucking

of the Chi

mmm since we like



goes strong

it’s just the little

surf that [ __ ]

welcome back to camera

meet Josh Smith and today we are set to

slay because we have the queen of

slaying right here Jodi comer

is it so

today you are gonna get your best agony

on on yeah and I have some questions

here that are inspired by killing Eve

and you’re gonna help me solve these


I will try my best

my boyfriend’s gone AWOL by I need to

prank call some contacts in his phone to

quiz them about his whereabouts


what persona should I adopt being the

queen of adopting a persona and do you

have any tips than nailing a cracking

cover-up accent

busy from this this



tense P is mom tell him he

needs to get home where are you going

you to use ready


black plastic chicken nuggets on

the table babes

when you’re trying to get into a persona

yeah what’s the go-to place how do you

really nail there

it depends sometimes

before I’m doing villanelle I have to

like roll my arse in Dad’s I find it

quite easy to slip in an old lady yeah I

couldn’t ever stay in character I’d

struggle to take myself too seriously

my boss is playing some serious mind

games mm-hmm how can I outmaneuver him

and come out as the top dog


seriously I used to have a part-time job

and and the woman mmm hated me I mean I

just I hate the job is over

what was

that job

on the checkout them for me I think it

was probably because I was hungover I

had like I had this Saturday tensile for


oh that’s the killer one

yeah a

tensile for as well so

oh maybe don’t quit maybe just a sip I

say do you

do you

leave her to me or him

I have been on the shower for quite some



the shelf

and I want to become a temptress but my

look is a more from Peter and seductive

it’s not meanness

I’m sorry you’re like

I’m not on the show honey whatever you

feel comfortable in yeah I didn’t

believe in dress I feel like whatever

you dress for anyone else that’s when

you go

I’m walk on just a pink fluffy

dress and you’re good to go right


partner is up to no good

eyebrow and I

thank you next

and I need

to get my best spying game on



what are your top spying tips

oh I mean they go to Instagram is in



little Instagram store I was gonna

say never hurt nobody but it really


looking to put the sass into assassin

love this I love it when you said this

to me that time and I was like oh my god

it’s going in my Instagram bio

I’ll give

you the copyright

okay yeah okay

how can

I get myself a sass over

over I think

this is a question for Ariana I feel

like she’s a queen of know when you’re

on the tube and like you’ve got a song

again and you look around and you’re

like no one else is on your

on your


wait that’s like yeah


like you’re in your own music video yeah

are used to not merely a superstar all

the time


Shantanu that’s it

I’m gearing up for a

faceoff with my rival


she’s been a [ __ ] she’s back stop being

the center well

vile girl what should my game plan of be

when she walks past a little foot out

tripper over bit

my piece

I’m sorry I’m

thinking a villanelle I’m a big believer

in walking away

yes like Ray David

walking away yeah yeah yeah yeah like

Craig give a crate David always yeah


basically the ultimate vices channel

your inner Arianna you’re cray David and

you’re Jamil your superstar

my crew




and then finally here’s a

nice positive one to end our series for

tripping people up over here I’m lacking

some serious confidence

oh I really we

need to take these people on a night owl

oh my god JD let’s get this out I need

to give myself a cracking pep talk in

the mirror what p.m. a mantra do you


if I’m really nervous about

something and late

I’m like you can do with Judy

yeah just



all about the classics

you guys smash it you’re gonna do it

it’s gonna be great

yeah like look at yourself in the eyes

in the mirror


unnaturally give

yourself a PMA yeah ma I always think as

well like I’m going in like thinking

about auditions and stuff because you’re

the person who has like go back in the

room if you’ve been told no six billion


it’s only you kind of gets you back in

there with a positive attitude so I

think yeah you’ve got to be a bigger


yes got be your biggest ally



honey well hon I’m feeling

more confident

I hope these poor people at home can

hear his side problems hopefully being a

bit more competent I love to get this to

keep the spammers babe yes me me Oh

everyone’s invites

everyone’s invited me

at the end as well you can’t not go out

without sushi is that we’re going to

miss the shimmy when you walk across

that’s my signature Jodi claimed were

coming brucey me


UK – Scouse 4

because Jody and killing Eve you your

one your main accent is amazing but then

you go off and do the different

languages and things like was that

something I mean obviously we’d heard

you do kind of English at


but was

that something you knew you could do I

was a kid were you good of accents


always like imitated adverts and stuff

with my dad but I was the same as on

like in the audition it was like you

know she she speaks many languages and I

was like of course

and then like never thinking that I was

like you know it would happen and then

as each episode came through I was like

Oh Russian German like they all yeah

they kept going

Wow yeah favorite one to

do in the show

I really enjoyed doing the Italian

purely because that was the one they

found easiest to do French is really


and Daniel you’ve done accents in

lots of films but there was a couple of

words burning an American that you still

struggle with

well I know it’s like not

as much time because I’ve had but I

remember the first one of the first

things I did as in American accent like

the word girlfriend was very hard on the

word murderer and I had to say I was

playing a person who was accused of

murdering his girlfriend so like every

time I came up against a black

girlfriend but like doing but that’s but

accidents is one but like speaking

languages I’ve had to do I have to say

one line of French once and it was the

most stressful all right

for every take

I forgot Lopez this a lot about takes to

me going line please anyone help

it’s like it’s quite narrow bracket


love your Russian you know cuz it’s so

badass thank you

and I was doing in a bit lately


people come up to me and I’m just like

no I’m not in the mood

I’ve created this like Russian II

Russian persona people come up and they

go oh hi you rebel Wilson and I go no no

ally and I just trying to try to channel


don’t kill them d

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