UK – Mancunian 1

there have been critics perhaps one of

the most voluble and famous was fellow

actor richard harris who he lumped you

and derek jacobi together an anti Dennis

Brown I was doing good good company yes

and you know what he said these guys

technically brilliant but passionless

yes nonsense and when he died he played

Dumbledore course the wizard

I played the real wizard but you were in

a different franchise about when they

called me up and said would I be

interested in being in the Harry Potter

films they didn’t say what part I I

worked out what they were thinking and I

couldn’t I couldn’t take over the part

from an actor I’d known didn’t approve

of interesting even you could have been

Dumbledore well sometimes with when I

see the posters of Mike Gambon the actor

who gorgeously plays double though I

think sometimes it’s me

UK – Mancunian 2

very quickly it is Oscars weekend this

weekend and there Ian would you mind

telling us the story about when you were

nominated for Gandalf seminary and you

had the the beads yeah

well there weren’t beats the in New

Zealand where we filmed Lord the Rings


if you’re lucky when you leave you’re

given a piece of green stone carved and

you wear it often enough and your

chances out you’ll get back to New

Zealand that’s the idea and it’ll bring

you a bit of luck

so when those films were nominated with

something like 20 Oscars on that night

everybody from New Zealand was wearing

the green stone that

Pournami they’re caught and run we’re on

the red carpet going into the certainly

I met Maggie Smith you know what our

union what are you here for

I said well Lord of the Rings oh yeah

she said what’s that around your neck no

sir it’s my phone on me maybe I only owe

punar me once that if I said well if I

wear it it will bring me luck and and we

went our separate ways and unit lasts

for three and a half or four hours you

know and at the end of course everyone

else wins the Oscar apart from you and a

bit dejected you’re coming out looking

forward to drinking you bump into Maggie

Smith and she points out it didn’t work


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