UK – Cockney 1

– I met sometimes they’re not really I

don’t really do it that great but you

know I mean I get it sometimes if I’m

talking with people that really do it

it’s a lot easier for me you know my I

don’t know what a cut near I’m is but

you know I mean is it skin and blister

your sister or is that not a yeah

something like that

alright you know I’m always looking for

new stuff to do you know maybe people

that I’ve never heard of before and I

didn’t I didn’t realize that I knew them

before I knew couple songs that I have

done before when they sent me my

management team like they send me stuff

every now and then and when they sent me

that I was like this amazing song i like

it like the chords in it like how the

girls are seen as a search them online I

love how they looked and and I was ready

to go you know big up to the Saturdays

they really came through in terms of

stepping up on my radar and I’m glad we

were able to just do a great son good

stuff the biggest challenge is I would

say you know I tried to blend dancehall

music with many different styles of R&B

dance music and a lot of people kind of

looked at it as we’re he’s moving away

and I was like no I’m not moving away

from dancehall and that was the biggest

challenge for me I think to to dancehall

purists it really matters and I think to

the rest of the world they just like my

voice and that’s what I’m going for some

people don’t understand what I’m saying

but I love the beat and I love the voice

and you know I think that that’s the way

I connect with people no matter how my

accent throws them off or whatever I

think that that’s all a lot of the time


you know linear in a certain direction

and I think that we should broaden our

horizons and expand and that’s exactly

what this album did for me and helped to

do for dance all it really does give me

an edge my cultural influences I mean

you know just speaking in Padua alone

people that I what did he say I heard he

said something like so-and-so and they

want to either get to know me a lot more

or I want to flip me I’m like what you

saying son


UK – Cockney 2

place them under a nose chest and

seanpauley girls I’m over alongside the

flavor magazine and I made keep it luck

to the flavor mag letting them know that

they’re my first performance was in

Jamaica back in 1994 a little club car

Carla’s cafe was like an outside thing

people were playing music life I was

like oh my thing so I had friends I was

playing the music I never like y’all

just come true and I think I’ve seen the

same song every every week I went there

was a song Kyle gets a story that I had

a more reality-based

yeah back in the day first time I heard

my song on the radio was I had a song

called baby girl which was the first 45

or single and that was released in

Jamaica that was 1996 I remember um

going with the producer to give the zone

system guys Renaissance Delano was about

to play on the radio the next day which

was Saturday and so I was gonna hear for

the first time I drove to the beach and

I had a bear and a spliff and I was

sitting in the car looking out and I

actually had a friend from abroad who

just chucked off in the sea and they

were swimming and then there’s the old

riddim started to play and I turned it

up on a sigh yo and I had nobody to tell

because everybody was in the sea and

there’s nobody it was like a Wednesday

II know it was a Saturday and there was

nobody at the beach I that day I don’t

know why but um yeah no one to tell and

there was no cell phone with me at the

time so I kinda just enjoyed it by

myself with my beer and my split when

was my first kiss oh wow

I think I was 14 I was at the movies and

uh it was a lot more than just a kiss it

was like like a slobber and I was like a

look around

was like hide from the Big Brother and

yeah yeah first celebrity crush whoa I

was probably five years old is probably

Farah Fawcett or something like that

she’s always on my wall I mean but for

real I mean I get celebrity crushes a

day doubt it the first car I ever bought

was rx 300 or otherwise known as a Lexus

Harrier it’s a first car I bought before

that I had a car that my mom bought

which was a for me to drive her on him

it was people used to cut the bread van

was IBM it was a VW you know one of them

along panel vans with a door that opens

and all friends used to go fit in it and

I used to drive like this like like a

big boss steering wheel type thing and

that was my first car I would say so you

have to be got them today and I mean

even though I didn’t buy that first

video be there with him first ride the

bread bun last time I was on holiday was

Portland Jamaica very cool chill out

please nice vibe more ecotourism ride

bikes row boats chill out I mean

UK – Cockney 3

bro what is he saying [ __ ] slaps butt

what is he saying

representing a culture I’m talking to my

people I’m so weak analysis petite an

iguana admitting people I’m here the

real thing


hey yo this is Sean Paul and this is the

people’s versus today we’re gonna be

reviewing comments on my video for when

it comes to you also we’d be going back

in the day and checking out temperature

and reviewing that too let’s see what we

got here first of what happened to you

Sean Paul what happened to me I don’t

know when you’re talking about man

pit bull are you are my fan of people my

friend of pit bull are you comparing me

to people these are weird oh oh my

[ __ ] god Sean Paul was out here just

cute that’s what you liked about music

breeds I didn’t like the braids I had to

sit down seven years after a while he

got kind of wacky for me Big Ups to Sean

Paul now I would love to see a collab

with him and gez that could be arranged

that would be a cool hookup we’re not

working with someone I just kind of go

with the flow I like what what you know

I try to enhance the sound what their

joint so that’s why I’m such a good

collab artists big buckler to Sean Paul

when it comes to you yes sir

definitely right you’re correct about

that one

after jake gyllenhaal story i was here

when it released jake gyllenhaal was on

a radio station in england someone

called in and said that Duchamp was

overrated and he heard that it was like

no way any went in man he had my back

bro and I don’t know dude but big up

Jake salute man it’s Shawn Farah married

I think I’m old enough to shoot my shot

yeah I am married you know but it never

hurts to shoot you shot I thought I’d be

answering more like hate like stuff like

and I’ll be like yo [ __ ] you but these

are pretty pretty cool I don’t have to

tell nobody [ __ ] you with this one

moving on to comments about my video

temperature big hit song for me in 2006

let’s get in here Queen of England just

left the chat

I’ve never talked to the Queen of

England but I’ve always imagined that

she was walking around the palace like

shaking it you know I mean like boom

boom boom I hope I made her shake it

temperature is a beautiful concept to

have about a song yes

so it’s kind of like me saying yo I’m

hot I’m the person for you girl well

also there was like a comparison of

violence in the Sun there was a lot of

violence happening in Jamaica at the

time so I used like the storm as the

violence and I was like I’m the man to

shelter you from the storm I’m the

person you listen to to get away from

all of that this song is so catchy but I

feel like give it song in a public place

I would get weird look so this is your

guilty pleasure they like to play the

temperature but they don’t like nobody

didn’t know back when you could make a

music video with a thermometer and a

green screen thanks for noticing that I

put so much in this video I’m 53 my

house is paid for I haven’t worked in

seven years I just did a bung and I shot

a jack water I blasted sharp ah woo

sometimes it all works out bro check

yourself before you wreck yourself

I have a broken leg and I stood up after

six months and I just turned the music

off Wow

[ __ ] you that’s the one I can say [ __ ]

you too yeah this song is legendary man

this [ __ ] was always blessing in the

streets bro I’m from NYC we go NYC and

everybody had this plan people was

dancing the good old days man I’m

getting the sentiment that you guys

think this is all [ __ ] I think it’s

timeless when I do step into my office

which is a studio I get to create stuff

or it’s the stage I get to recreate that

vibe and I get to go back way back in

the day you know I mean and it’s like a

time machine that’s what music is and

that’s what it’s for

hey yo that’s it for me SP the girls a

move of easy I will catch you next time

not flop I respect you