UK – Brummie 2

I wonder what it was that drew you to

this character but also how important it

was to tell not just this character

store also the ladies in the context of

history and giving them kind of their


she’s face familiar is based on

this incredible French aranaut called

Sophie Blanchard who I became totally

obsessed with who used to fly at night

alone and set off fireworks from the

balloon and eventually actually killed

herself by setting off fireworks and

then the balloon caught fire and she

fell to her death by hitting some roofs

in Paris say without that but of the

story but we took all those sort of

she’s the real wild cat basically so we

took all of those fun elements from her

character and put them into emilia

excited you were to get back you know

into your action shoes because i was

watching it and i was always falling out

my seat like with all the stuff you were


no it’s great

I went it’s funny when you watch the

film with other people and you can see

everyone moving and sort of literally

sitting on the edge of their seats as

they’re watching it but I yeah I really

I was desperate to do some more action

and and even though it’s one of the most

visits physically challenging

experiences I’ve ever had I assuming

they want to come back for more which

probably makes me a bit of a glutton for

punishment we have to ask you about

Eddie again I mean you know not just

together again but literally together

again in a little basket well what’s

that special rapport you have with him

yeah I think we have a real shorthand

with each other I think there’s a lot of

respect we have a good sense of humor

you know these there’s long shoots and

to be stuck in that tiny basket you’d

have to be stuck with the right person

so I’m very lucky that I was stuck with


much about sorry I think much of a

challenge when there’s kind of a

two-hander because we were speaking to

Jonathan Pryce about the two popes and I

was him Anthony Hopkins and this one

it’s you and Eddie I mean is that more

the challenges an actor than you’ve done


yeah it’s a different kind of

challenge it’s what it becomes a bit

like a little play in in many ways and

we were lucky on this we had a lot of

rehearsal so we could work on a lot of

things out and a lot of it they’re just

they’re just literally in the baskets

like how do you make this exciting how

do you keep cutting back and it be

interesting and that came from you know

finding different levels keep moving

around and that definitely came from

rehearsal and I think yeah it’s

definitely more intense experience when

it’s just the two

the pressure is now us

any good work

with Heights yourself

I used to be but

now after this fellow I’ve been scarred

for life

I’m never going off on one those

balloons ever again there I’m done

UK – Brummie 3

welcome back to grandma unfiltered faces

by me Josh Smith and today we are joined

by the oscar-nominated star who’s

literally flying without wings

ya ever know it’s Felicity Jones

now I love this and you basically the my

cultural life as long as I can remember

shall I go yes what a Queen and you’re

playing another really powerful role in

the aranaut as a scientific Explorer


taking to the skies with Eddie Redmayne

but you played so many amazing powerful

characters in your time what have you

learned about your own power going

through your career I’ll say

that’s a

really good question I didn’t I think

you do take a little bit of the

character and you take the bits that you

like anyway but this we’re playing

Amelia Ren I think part of what I loved

about her was that she’s really

impulsive she doesn’t over think she she

acts before she thinks and she said she

sort of takes anything on and I

definitely like to push that side of

myself you know I can be someone who

probably overthinks things a little bit

too much so it was nice to play someone

who’s just a bit of a wild cat and

throws caution to the wind

so have you

stopped overthinking so much


laughter yeah it’s gone it’s gone yeah

it’s like therapy play the right

character and never yeah I never worry

about anything no you know anxiety gone

because also is a film about

self-discovery as much as scientific


what’s your own journey with

self-discovery been like for you and

what would you say been like the bumps

along the way

well I think it’s all I

mean usually it’s kind of the battle

with confidence isn’t it isn’t that the

thing you find and then when you get

older and you get into your 30s I think

you stop caring so much which I think

that’s what’s been so nice about the

past few years is that and you get less

self-conscious you still have worries

and you still kind of you know I used to

have really bad get really nervous and

worried about things when I was younger

and you know to the point that I’d sort

of be vomiting before you know doing

certain exams and things like that sort

of terrible anxiety and that’s

definitely got better as I’ve got older

and I think you you just don’t sweat the

small thing so much do you

because also

in in that kind of trajectory you become

one with your own voice right and this

character makes her voice heard and no

with your own voice how hards that been

to have your voice heard throughout your

career what you’re saying what been the

changes in that

it’s definitely because

I think you always have a voice don’t

you and it’s just letting that voice

come through I think it’s and that again

is another confidence thing isn’t it

that the Udo I think is that you don’t

have anything to prove to anyone so I

think so much you think you’re so

worried about what everyone else is

thinking and then you get to a point

where you go you know you can’t control

other people’s opinions and other

people’s thoughts and they’re going to

think what they want to think and you

you have to be you have to be bold

mm-hmm and you kind of have to overcome

your own inner critic as well don’t you

yes yeah yeah I think I always think

what it was so nice just to have no

inner critic you must just be so happy

if your lovely life to me

it also pushes

you to be your best self and put your

best foot forward I think as well have

you found that

yeah I guess there’s a

certain amount of um become is like math

achievement that comes from a certain

perfectionism and a certain pressure but

I sort of feel like only gets you so far

and then actually actually to do

anything really creative I think being

too tough on yourself as isn’t actually

the best the best way and I think it’s

actually the opposite it’s a kind of

letting go of that critic that is when

you achieve the really exciting stuff

and you trust the people around you you

know you’re not you can’t do everything

on your own you can’t do anything on

your own it’s only in partnership with

other people that you achieve something


because at the center of

this film is an amazing companionship

you have a Bedi’s character what has

this film and your personal nation ship

with him taught you about the power of

companionship and friendship and what you

can learn from teamwork

well I think you

just do really interesting work when you

when you work with people that you

respect to the you admire it makes it

just made it so much easier knowing that

we already have that trust in place it

also makes it fun that you can’t bit of

a joke in between you know takes and

things like that and I think you it just

doesn’t feel as scary really because

you’re building something together so

you’re taking you know the

responsibilities together it’s not all

on your shoulders and with Eddie it’s an

absolute partnership in that way that we

we both kind of take the pressure

together and and and and sharing it

which makes it much easier

but as well

because you are stuck on this balloon

for quite a long time and there were

certain moments when you’re filming this

when you’re a bit like oh my god I just

need my own personal space when you’re

playing a role like this which is also

quite challenging in itself you like

you’re doing stunts you’re dangling off

the edge of balloons you’re doing a lot

how do you look after your own mental

well-being would you say

you do I mean

this was one of the hardest experiences

I’ve ever had and physically it was

absolutely grueling I mean to the point

where we were both covered in bruises

and bashed up by the end of sheeting I

definitely self-care was not no not the

order of the day on this one you just

sort of it’s a bit like being in the

army I think you sort of just you just

keep going until the end

yeah how’d you

look after yourself afterwards

what are your self-care regime

I have to

remind myself about self-care you know I

often see my friends and they’ll just

naturally be booking kind of massages

and and nail appointments and I make

well I have to do that I have that has

to be part of my life but it doesn’t

come naturally at all

but when I do do it I feel much better

about myself but but I think I always

find just exercise is the thing you know

for releasing those endorphins and

keeping you happy and active and fit and

yeah not taking things so seriously


clearing that mind


do you

think sometimes just running out

I know

and it’s free go for a run

with a wither

because also in this it’s all about I

mean as everything is about life a

journey to make this not like but there

are so many highs and lows in this and

you’ve had the most amazing career

that’s lasted such a long time what do

you think has been the low you’ve learned

the most from in your life and the high

you’ve learned the most from

yeah that’s

very good for a film about balloon

England yes

up and down I think I mean in terms of

career I think you you realize that

there’s never a perfect job that it’s

net you know that it never comes in the

perfect way that they’re always gonna be

little compromises but actually it’s

what you can do with something and I

think you have to take opportunities

when they’re there and then I think the

highs are when it’s always when you make

something and it connects and it

connects to you a lot of people that

that’s really special and that’s sort of

what you’re hunting for all the time

what is that magic formula that makes

everyone love something

hmm I know

because we were talking about voices and

being heard and like we’re saying you do

pay a lot of powerful female characters

is there a time when you’ve really stuff

to have your own voice heard and you’ve

been pat yourself on the back of it and

pushed yourself to do it can remember a

time we’ve done that

yeah I think from actually playing Ruth

Bader Ginsberg who’s a pretty formidable

woman she gave me a lot of strength and

I used to get quite nervous about public

speaking and I noticed and she’s made

some brilliant speeches and she always

has a little piece of paper with her and

she reads it and I always used to think

you know you got to be completely off

the cuff but I realized if you write

something that you believe in and that

you care about then don’t don’t you know

who cares if

reading it from a sheet of paper it’s

the words that matter and so I

definitely felt from seeing her and and

learning from that but public speaking

doesn’t need to be as scary

and what

would you say for the audience sitting

out here because we’ve been talking

about confidence inner voices sciencing

quick in the critics what is the kind of

light empowerment mantra that always

gets you free

don’t sweat the small

stuff yeah

it’s an important thing to

remember yeah because we get so bogged

down in these are the really tiny things

and when you actually look back on it

and the perspective

yeah I think so and

I think it’s um I think often reminding

yourself to probably don’t take it all

too seriously I think cuz you know we

don’t have that long here it goes super


thank you so much doing me your

epic thank you so much for joining us

for another edition of glamour

unfiltered hosted by me Josh Smith and

we will see you in two weeks for another

epic episode of glam I’m filled with

such epic people as mr. T


UK – Brummie 5

and of course felicity oscar-nominated

playing Stephen Hawking’s wife – you’ve

been in this situation you’ve been with

this woman your portrayal so do you have

a similar experience or was it

well it’s

quite interesting it’s it’s um it’s

important that you get the almost the

person’s permission that you feel like

they you kind of go through a little

bitter I felt with playing Jane there

was a little bit of a trial period where

we went Eddie and I went and and spent

some time with her and had dinner with

her and and it did feel like it was much

harder than any audition we’d ever done

in our entire life because you sort of

feel you know you need the nod of

approval from from the person at the at

the end that they you know they because

they are they’re giving their lives up

they’re giving their lives up – for

everyone to see so you sort of want to

somehow there be in exchange that you’re

gonna you’re going to look after their

story in some way which I imagine was


but it’s been talked about you

know meeting Stephen Hawking and sort of

hanging out and you sort of hung out as

well didn’t you

we did we did he Steven came to set and

we were we were very very nervous and we

you know sort of trying to do our you

know doing going over the lines and

wanted to do our best version of the

take and doing these performances and

and then afterwards then they and they

started cut and we thought you know

we’ve just anxiously waiting for what

Stephen would think and he said um he

wrote down and we were kind of anxiously

waiting and he said would Felicity

please be able to come and give me a

kiss what’s wonderful about you if he

doesn’t take himself seriously at all


just you spike serious

I don’t think it was a joke in that mode

get her over here make her kiss me

I was hoping he meant in a kind of sort

of you know a bank killer way let’s hope

that yeah