and robust a table with was there no I’m

here you know worrying about you and you

just don’t give a [ __ ] mmm that’s only

do I’m Sol ml I am in D


and everyday


fights nothing about me are noisy

oh I’m wrestled and I get bad night when

he doesn’t put like you’re not in the

gym we should arm wrestle for good no

ice drinks and gets me a [ __ ] tissue

paper he bites toilet paper

can we talk about it tomorrow

sleep on it today we don’t mean rest

edition editions don’t see food things

in the spur of the moment we don’t cut

each other we don’t cursor yeah yeah you

see that you know can we talk things out

literally that’s the action exactly how

it look just last week actually cuz he

was out and then I I wanted to know like

whether he was gonna come over and

everything I called he was like why

don’t you tell me you know I was waiting

for you son like I get very dramatic

when I see all I want I was just like

text me that oh I’m sorry I can’t come

over tonight after I fled us or so I

sorry about it because it was quite

stupid that you think about asking

vishna Brittany does he like like the

best like females everything is like 10

names up oh no no no any was like I get

one but it for our event even like

sitting down being a woman but she was

going through a couple of days or saying

some really means nothing because I was

like okay don’t talk to me until you’re

responsible for the things you say to me

because they really hurt but the way I

said that to her was like I’m cutting

you out until you are responsible for

the things you say to me and it feels

like fine I’m moving out tonight and

guess how long that lasted ten hours

honey pants if the fights are really

stupid and she realized that at that

moment it’s nice to be consistently it

takes a lot more out of me to say I’m

sorry in a fight like it would take him

almost just a second when he gets mad

and noisy COO like I’m sorry but I’m

like whatever event sulk for a few hours

before I you know finally weigh the pros

and cons I go all right this is stupid I

met because it spilled water on the

table I’m gonna say I’m sorry makeup on

me go oh gee we were like centre long

pics like a summary I’m sorry it’s not

like that’s the upset I don’t know for

long enough I just danced it when you

say Oh Kimmy you’re Kira I could not

assume that for your community because

sometimes you expect me to automatically



I think we have to keep reminding

ourselves that we chose this person and

we just do things that remind us of why

which was each other so that’s hugging

and I going out fight always ends with

us seeing the bigger picture that you

know us being together and working

together there’s so much more important

than whatever forgettable my things are

fine you know and that reaffirms trail

of for me really like I learned how to

be less selfish putting really putting

myself in the other person’s shoes as


eventually I have to let go to be a

better person so I think like every

fight makes makes us like understand

each other more you know when you start

out not really knowing the person you

don’t know what I mean like what I don’t

like is the relationship progresses when

you hit a roadblock we get to know the

person know everything all right how do

you react to certain situations once you


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if you don’t know what you have till

it’s gone uh no this is song hey guys

what’s up my favorite I’m Janet

my name is libido I’m Regent hi I’m


hi I’m Wien in the span of six years

we’ve broken up about eight times the

longest time we’ve actually separated

from each other was about four months we

broke up in January 2016 for about one

and a half years we broke up for about

three years I guess had commitment

issues I just wasn’t ready also very

immature person if I was to forego for

more than three months I I can just

mainly it was the lack of communication

like we weren’t able to effectively

communicated and anger built up you know

frustrations and all that can you just

stop holding grudges eventually needs to

a break no yeah we did a couple yep of

course I never really wanted to be with

someone else at because I still want to

be with him


I did talk to other girls but I didn’t

go any further there was just this

emptiness in me like none of them were

hurt you know

every time you meet someone you and you

communicate with them you kind of

realize that now this is not what I

expect my perfect person or partner to

be like to me never get over it and then

started meeting a few new people then

you know things didn’t work out

obviously yeah

with any of them sadly I mean gladly it

hurts or pity that it wasn’t like an

intentional like rebound yeah it was

more like just move on

you can be sad for a while but why you

want to be sinful is so long you know

you got to think about yourself as well


we realized that what we had was pretty


it’s just that we didn’t appreciate it

when we had it we just click like don’t

stare at we I don’t think I would ever

click with anyone else better than I

like with him I think every relationship

is not perfect there’s gonna be ups and

downs and I really really have strong

feelings for fibbin don’t you let go


and I know that there will be no one in

this world that will ever do the same

thing that Phoebe’s that’s right bro

you’re right you’re right

you can’t deny what you feel like it you

can pretend to like completely disregard

someone but you just love them of course

many times of course I missed him but I

think I just realized that it was for

the better at that point of time I did

regret we cannot have an ester baby than

why I went back together because I’m

pretty sure there’s no one else out

there with exactly like her you know you

will never know how much someone means

to you until you let them go

it’s a yes and a no kind of thing it

took a lot of time to get over it and

like move on from it no part would be I

kind of did want to see what was it like

being single for a longer period of time

I don’t think I would regret it either

but there’s something you can live with

something’s you cannot know being or we

kind of helped us realize that one of

the things we can actually I forgot what

I was saying it allows you to really

understand what you want out of a


it becomes just so chill and come with

each other and like very comfortable shy

we really fight nowadays we really have

arguments he the we handle

in the posse website you actually think

is an issue but now when you’d like to

take a step back anything you’re like oh

you know it’s just miss calm they’ll

never last beyond a day we don’t bring

it over to the next day he’s a lot more

fun like a lot more ready to do things a

lot more adventurous even if it’s not of

his interest he’s willing to keep it

aside for me and he’s like yeah you know

what let’s just do it together because

you want to do it so that’s what you’ve

learned about me yeah that’s what I

learned I never knew you could be fun ya


know argue even in public one shot here

one shot there – counting know basically

me we just love each other like it has

to be our argument is we do discuss it

but we discuss it in a way we do not

offend each other and at the end of the

day right we understand each other

better never wanna go back and make the

same mistake again prior to the break-up

we were a lot more immature after the

breakup and after all the experiences we

had while we were broken up we learned a

lot of things we don’t get into tupid

arguments about stupid things and if you

do it resolves in a more amicable manner

yeah it’s not training like it was yeah

cause like last time I was like oh yeah

that’s probably can last for I don’t

know how long you guys duties of

non-fighting was great

yeah we’re not very healthy but now it’s


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oh hi I’m Ian and I’m Yao and we were in

a long-distance relationship for like

five years

I’m David and I’m Sarah and we’ve been

in a long-distance relationship for four


hi I’m Ellie and I’m Ryan so we’ve been

in this relationship for like five

months we are still in a long-distance

relationship we first became friends and

then he went to the Gold Coast I was

like what two months in and he was drunk

one night and then you know called me

like you know but then afterwards he

came back I think it was for his


yeah we had a really great night and

then he kind of asked me again and I

just thought let’s give it a shot so we

met and yeah I was just stand for like

holiday he DM me on Instagram and then

he was like yeah I got let me show you

Ryan I mean bring him round I mean I was

pretty persistent did everybody have

much of a choice

I was gonna study medicine so happy

birthday so I decided to say my oh well

New York is a 13 hours behind Singapore

and I’ll be up in the morning she’ll be

sleeping when I tell the good morning

this good night

yeah oh yeah shitty internet connection

it sucks let me know skyping people and

then like the damn thing just cuts off

when you’re with someone in the same

country you know you can hug them or

kiss than ever with long distance you

don’t have that luxury you have to

really communicate and talk

because we are quite different people

you know David is more of an introvert I

guess I’m more of an extrovert so

sometimes it kind of clashes and that’s

probably just one of like the hardest

things I think it was yeah I knew this

was coming yeah right

sorry about my dad I mean we’ve we’ve

we’ve done some videos

well more like I have because this guy

it’s not for my lack of trying

but sometimes he’s not safe look at all

of you do you find some way to keep the

spark alive guys yeah I feel like if you

were to things like that they really

never started personally if I say

something I feel like make it happen

yeah it’s what I like about it like in

the middle I thought I was getting used

to it cause like five years right when I

first your heart second your audition

and you’re like medium like specific I

mean like so it gets better but then it

gets a little bit hard it’s like

anything you have good days and you have

bad days

there’s some days where you sort of

think like you know why am I doing this

and then there are other days where you

think you know I could not do anything

about this

I literally feel like I battle with that

every single day which obviously annoys

the [ __ ] out of him I’m like doing

nothing and I’m having to defend myself

for something I’m not even yeah but it’s

like a [ __ ] but your boyfriend says

he’s not doing anything but he doesn’t

reply your message for a very very long

time and then you’re sort of like oh

he’s at someone’s house

oh he’s [ __ ] going a bit yeah and

then he’s literally at home asleep or

playing like some stupid you know at the

beginning maybe not so much it’s very

hard to be insecure when you’re doing a

long-distance relationship the only way

is to trust law it’s not like a

relationship can’t happen

it tells me when you’re saying yo it

goes yeah do it there’s something that

as a deputy I know if they’re not

treated okay


I’m the kind of person who if I’m if

someone there’s no one I know I see


communication because that’s the only

thing you guys have you guys have to

talk about things just talk it out no

time to be petty you get the freedom and

like finish everything of the like that

being single part of life but then you

also have someone to like like talk to

about your trouble single day and I know

your stuff so you get like the best of


like you definitely you definitely do

learn a lot more about each other when

you really have to communicate and talk

and that’s all you have it definitely

does help you grow you you do see like

how strong you can be you appreciate the

time you have together a lot more I mean

it was so hard but it was such a good

experience I feel yeah

trust it trust this mine Trust is number

one if you’re gonna do it put insecurity

aside just like it’s just gonna ruin

things I think this one thing that we

always do like if I don’t want something

to happen to me I shouldn’t do that to


I think every relationship she was a

[ __ ] one of the most important things

is also not to control the other person

it’s like I would never tell her no

you’re not allowed to go out with your

friends no you can’t go for this event

or this dinner party if you maybe feel a

little something about a person you know

you just sort of say it and she would

like reassuring on that’s not the case

of whatever just just trigger the

opportunity to learn more about yourself

I guess one of the things that I feel me

drive people pioneer issue is just the

insecurities laughs and I feel like if

you’re open you’re honest and you’re

faithful you know and your partner can

know that you’re open honest and

faithful yeah okay guys thanks for

watching and hope you guys liked it

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you had to insert this like a jar coat

size straw

injection needle into your spine there

was nothing else i could think of except

for the pain so just the pain and me and

the pain and me it’s just

you and the pain there’s nothing else to

think about


my main concern was giving birth because

i am scared of pain

no i actually are quite excited i just

want to like faster deliver

and help my babies in my arm it’s more

like i worry that i

cannot conceive but i think naturally as

a woman

we tend to worry and when a couple can’t


people will tend to look at a woman more

than a man i knew that age

was catching up that was one of the

things that were in the back of my mind

whether you know i would face any

problems conceiving and all that

i don’t think of it was a consideration


i would have a baby or not like i’m

happy that something great turned out

for this year so i feel rather safe

because the hospital actually took much

precaution hospital i feel like is

rather safe because it’s controlled


they will check all the patients

temperature everything


several ways that people know you’re

going to labor is either you get


or your water back bursts but mine was


so my natural reaction was to be

to panic about it because i just want

the baby to be fine i went to visit my

mom first

and then we went to mcdonald’s buy

some food and then he parked at kalang

lija park

so i had my food there outside standing


in between my bites i was having

contractions i felt it in my lower back

yeah so it was like someone is just

punching my lower back i have to like

compose myself just let it pass and then

okay continue so i thought like yay this

is it you know just a few more hours and

baby will be out

and then comes my guy telling me that

okay i’ll see in the morning it’ll take

about like another 12

hours like what my labor was starting

from midnight and then i delivered


six so it’s like about 18 hours while

waiting before they push us to the labor

room there’s this waiting room

where they check your contractions

everything it’s only like around four

people inside only

then after that in the morning time they

will shift you to a proper delivery

seat yeah so that’s only one person with

your husband

so not not so much of interaction

between other people just you and the

nurses there

and maybe your doctors who visit you

they teach you about breathing

techniques and how to push

engaging your core but on the day itself

i tell you

oh my god it’s like whatever i learned

is like out the window the whole process

is really very

very physically draining like i’ve never

felt that kind of

tired before and the pushing part right

oh my gosh it’s really feel like pooping

i was actually 10 cm dilated already so

she said okay this is it you need to

push i was like push

where’s my guy knee eventually my gynae

came when my gunny came it’s like wow

this is what god looks like you know so

when he came in

he he just patted me on my head

everything’s gonna be okay are you ready

to meet your baby i’m like yes

as i was pushing the the midwives and

the nurses they were

they were using anything like wet wipes

they were wiping like my butt and then

like i saw like bits of brown and i told

my ass

uh what is that then he said oh

no nothing then you know the smell is a

bit you know i was like

the nurse says okay it’s okay don’t

worry this happens it was embarrassing


it had to happen yeah the pain is really

really bad it’s like menstrual cramp

but it’s many many times more than that

like your pain takes over your entire


did that cause you any hesitation having

a second child no it was not

after having the first child and i look

back on it right i survived it

i’m still alive my child is healthy

and i also wanted another kid for

my daughter to grow up with love the


is very clever it forgets after a year

of your

your pregnancy


hey that looks are meaning me that’s the

very first thought

hey that looks like me but of course not


so when she was out the first thing i

heard was her cries

and i didn’t expect to hear that and her

voice was like the best thing i heard

and i started crying i kind of point

towards what i felt

it was just i was amazed that

i managed to give birth because since

young i was always so scared of

childbirth but i managed to pull through

yeah i actually missed my labour though

i miss

being pregnant i think having a baby is

the best thing that

happened to me this year so yeah quite


my family couldn’t be there you could

have two guests i think

but i decided not to have any

because you know i wanted to rest fully

yeah i didn’t want to entertain anyone

of course i wish the family would be


but it’s okay we we still got like four

and then we can keep our

each other updated

i think having a good guiding is very

important if there was anything that

came up or if i had any concerns i could

always let him know

and email him and he’d reply like almost


don’t over google things trust your

gynae ask your grinding questions if

you’re really scared of pain

there’s a lot of like different

medications and different ways

to help you with the pain relief during

labour growing up in singapore we are

very blessed

because we do have actually a good

medical and health care system

that caters to all these things so i

think that we’re in good hands

if you yourself take precautions and you

you know you’re ready to have a baby

and you know the hospital as well they

implemented lots of precautions

so just be relaxed and just go there and

listen to what the doctor advise your

doctor advice and what the nurses advise

you to do

just be happy it’s a happy event just be

ready nobody is ready to be a mother

to be honest you just do and you learn

along the way although it is scary

it is something that we can do as

mothers we are built to do this who else




someone sat on the chair and they left

the turd

on the chair


i was working at this really huge


chain restaurant i’m working for this

like high b store

i actually worked at mcdonald’s for like

one week

part-time tutor the aquarium so why do

you take all of these jobs

money money

i didn’t want to burden my mom if the

school fees last to be honest it’s not

about the

money because that time i really like

was not exposed to the

part-time job work i decided to take

them out of experience and like

curiosity rather than to earn money

it was like the most enjoyable


from working at this place i was lucky

enough to get into

a company together with my friend and

it helped me a lot in terms of like

stress management

and to know that somebody is actually

there to support me and she’s like one

of my closest friends

when you get like gifts from guests

especially during festivities like

christmas they will

either give you unpower or they’ll get

presents for you especially during

chinese new year when do you shang

everybody will fight for the table

because all the regular guests will give

you like

100 200 pounds does this like

that was that oh i forgot the name the

budgie jumping place at sentosa

basically i was working there the the

boss’s deadpool plus i got a fat tip

50 bucks easy so i got to freeze bungee

jump and i have 50 bucks so

best working experience what about

horrible experiences

i took up this job of selling ice cream

door to door

there’s this arbing that showed us like

how to play

sympathy cut to to sell faster and sell


i got hired as a cashier right like they

gave me the cashiering apron

but then and now i had to do like food

prep cleaning

serving not even cooking

auntie i knew you go home earlier i had

last two ice cream

okay can you just help me clearly so

that i can go home early and you know

edina and my family

i’ve had wine throw it on me i’ve had

guests shout at me

i’ve had somebody put their hands on me

because the guy was drunk

so yeah i have experienced everything in

that place so that’s why nothing phases

me anymore

someone sat on the chair and they left

the turd

on the chair i’m hoping that it is the

ciao at the table but the third was

unusually large

so i was clearing the table then i

smelled something really bad and i was

like ha ha

what is that smell and i went around i

pushed the chest and the table and i

saw the turd lying on the chair the

third was looking at me and i was

looking at the third

and i was like wow it’s time to quit

before the wedding ceremony

there’s like snacks and like drinks

outside of the ballroom right and i was

just walking around like

serving chips and then this one guy

comes up to me and he says

excuse me this these chips are loud hung


i didn’t know what lau hongman at the

time because my choice is that bad

i thought he wanted more trips so i went

to the kitchen stood there looked around

for a while

went back out and went back to the guy

and said sorry sir

we no more love already and then the guy

just gave me this space flies like

so do you think like what you’ve learned

from that job that has been sellable to


yeah that’s how i grew like texting


i like i didn’t dare to talk to guests

like i was so scared and then like no

you work in a restaurant you have to

learn how to talk and i used to be very


but then because of working in this kind

of industry right that’s how you grow

thick skin over

like over a course a few months so one

guest shouts at you

and then i’ll just cry you know when 10

guests shout at you you’re just like

whatever i would say they have no direct

relevance to where i want to go in life

or whatever

but i feel like in terms of like shaping

my attitude

shaping who i am today they definitely

did a lot

so i definitely couldn’t have become who

i am without going through

all those hurdles yeah of course i

picked up like little things from

every single job that i did over the

years but

overall right there wasn’t any skill

that i can put to use

now so i have this friend right she’s

part of the work study program

what i found interesting is that she has

a full-time salary while studying

for her diploma uh so how i know about

this program was through school

they had a talk once but nobody was

listening in class but

can i say that why was this during my

time why is this

it gives you a structured framework i

guess you can study and you know at the

same time that there’s a job waiting for


and you know it also at the same time

you won’t be forced to neglect your


yeah i want to read up on it then i was

like i’m in

because at the end of it i’ll get a

specialist diploma

work experience and a 5k bonus so why


i would definitely have taken this

program if i knew because of the money

yeah i mean if you graduate with five

thousand dollars it will help you and

cushion the blow when you want to look

for a job also

through that this work study program

gave me a head start it gives you a lot

of like experiences

as well as knowledge that you can apply

when you actually step up

properly into the workforce if i’m wrong

you’re getting like a mentor also with

you right

like i feel like that mental factor

honestly is very important because like

you’re actually having like this like

older friend in a sense that’s like you

know he’s like your buddy

and like i mean you have to i feel like

that’s the important part is that you

have to take the initiative to go and

learn from him

rather than he spoon feed you i mean

what’s that to lose right

me you get to earn a full-time pay while


just thank you



and then i just feel like a button in

when was the last time i cried

i mean i have cried out of like

frustration before

you know sometimes you’re just so tired

already right then you keep having more

and more

things to do it’s like at that point it

just feels like very overwhelming even

though it’s like

small small things if you’re talking

about real like

proper like like balling

uh it would have to be

around the time when i left my previous

job because that didn’t go well

so it was a lot of crying over the last

month i would say that i was working

there because i bit off more than i

could chew

but i didn’t let on that i was

drowning i think the last time i really

really cried

was back when i had a relationship in


coming to terms with it wasn’t really

easy for me in your head like okay i’m

going to marry her

when expectation don’t that doesn’t mean

reality then of course

there’s some sort of resentment that i

felt it was quite bad though for five

days i was actually stuck

in bed i think in general like as a

person i feel very insecure about a lot

of things

there are times where i just feel like

like why is

like my partner still with me and i

think there was

so many thoughts about it that i just

started crying and i didn’t want to cry

in front of him

so when i cried he was actually playing

his game and i just cried behind him and

he didn’t even know until the next day

when i told him

i wasn’t able to talk to other people

about it because

it didn’t feel right to talk about it in

a way it’s like at the time like

everyone else had their own thing

i didn’t want to be become someone

someone’s problem

i didn’t want to let someone see me

vulnerable i don’t really tell

stuff to my family like let’s say if i

feel that something is wrong like within

the family or anything

i don’t like let them know me and my

sister maybe we were brought up in the

environment where like we don’t

share about our feelings to each other

like we never

ever thought about feelings that

everything is just very superficial

kind of thing and so like from young

until now then it’s just like

something that we don’t do all yeah like

we like i don’t share things with them

they don’t shine to me

it’s also something that i have been

thinking about recently and i i kind of

wish that like we

can just be more open with each other i

wasn’t always very

guarded so back in poly i dated this guy

it was a super toxic relationship

and i think whatever that happened after

that just made me feel very gutted

whether it was making new friends or

getting into a new relationship

i just feel like i didn’t want to open

up to people because

i might get hurt and yeah i feel like

like personally i just don’t want people

to worry i feel like

and then i just feel like a button in

um i thought i appeared okay

but people that were close to me were

not saying something

i’d be like just just stress you know i

just say it’s just stress you know it’s

like like

chalk it up to like general work stress


and most of the time people just move on

from that

at the time i had this really good

friend we meet up like occasionally and

like she would always be asking like hey


sure you’re okay um you don’t seem

yourself anymore

so it’s like at the peak of like when it

was getting bad and we were

at this like cafe and then she just said

okay we’re not

leaving here until we talk about this

now in hindsight it makes me feel glad

that i had someone that you know cared

for me

honestly i’m quite fortunate that i have


good friends around me they do check in

on me time to time going through the

process of keep

telling others right yeah also at the

same time telling yourself

that reason why it didn’t work it gives

me the better understanding like every

time i explain to someone i’m actually

explaining back to myself

sometimes i i do think like what if i

check in on them instead

and when i started doing that and i felt

that it caused a ripple of like a good

effect that people start doing that to

others as well and people around me

started checking in and it’s not like

you don’t do it of obligation you know

you do it out of like of the love

because it’s your friend right you

really want to know how how they are

i wish someone checked in on me every

single day

i might not tell you everything but

even if i were to tell you that i

am okay or i’m doing great

i feel like that’s okay