Michael lost appearance doing a kaiju

attack she was saved by stalker

Pentecost and he became like her father

Rolly and Marcos saved the world from

the kaiju at the end of the first movie

she’s tough woman

mokou and Jake both trained as Jaeger

pilots but Jake kind of loses his way

but Marco knows that he is a great pilot

so she finds a way to lead him back

the fighting scenes of course I’d like

to everyone to see the complexity of the

characters too

the one Chou is the founder and owner of

Xiao industries a Prairie company

created with the goal of protecting the

world from kaiju threats mmm

Dewayne is a genius I think very few

people on the planet can match her

intelligence and a work ethic

having been the victim of the original

kaiju attacks he she has devoted her

life to stopping the future attacks

Charlie is so fun to work with he brings

a lot of energy and a passion to his

acting and he’s always hilarious we had

a lot of scenes together since his

captor is the lead scientist for Shaw

Industries it also gave him the chance

to see how good he is with his work

audiences can expect the action-packed

extremely family with his international


I think uprising offers everyone the

character and they can really enjoy and

relate to






remember it’s about compatibility it’s a

dialogue not a fight

but I’m not gonna dial down my moves

they need over life you’re a woman so

adept at every single rule that you take

on so you I feel like in real life you

must be good at explosives hand-to-hand

combat like all these things that you do

in movies what are your real life

hobbies I’m kind homebody person are you

really yeah okay so you’re actually are

you you’re at home knitting or something

like like really quiet especially I

loved watching some movie on the bed

with pizza then I’m gonna have you over

to my house cuz that’s exactly what we

do like every night I’ve in fact turned

it into a career

so there’s no explosive there’s no like

stick fighting

what was the training like for this

movie I mean you’ve done this kind of

thing before

it was a most like intensive preparation

it’s kind of like you know Me’s mint

Park right it’s like like a if I if I

were a kid like ah just fun but instead

as an adult you’re like I have bruises

and I heard at night like I can’t I

if I lose my concentration I can’t

survive right in the kompot I can’t

imagine how you’re acting and getting

thrown all over the place at the same

time so good work maybe twice everyone

involved starting from Guerra all the

way down it seems like everybody loved

making it there’s so much joy in the

movie and it really it came across so

much I mean that’s I was like yes get up

and so do you have a Guillermo del Toro

impersonation that embodies that spirit

cuz it just seems like he’s a character

yeah yeah it’s um such a loving person

you know and then he looks like he yeah

I got like a teddy bear you know you

wanna hug him right

and what does he say what was his

direction to you on set What did he say

to you the most it’s just like oh let’s

do our superhero hey link oh you get


he never get mad at me oh I don’t think

I’m brave but young Melissa you know you

were really brave let go and then that

which made me work harder you know if

you could pick anyone in the world

living or dead that you would like to be

your co-pilot in life someone that you

think really shares your perspective who

would it be