supreme court has refused the plea

on deduction in salary amid covet this

service related matter

approached the high court as he has

directed the petitioner

to approach the high court

so the supreme court has uh

turned down a plea on deduction in

salary amid

kuwait the supreme court said and i

quote this is a service related matter

approach the high court and the supreme

court has now directed the petitioner

to approach the high court in this


so petition had been filed in the

supreme court

with regards to deduction in salary amid

the corona virus pandemic

however the supreme court at this point

has turned down

this plea and has advised the petitioner

to approach the high court in this


breaking news coming in on the broadcast

we’re learning at this point that

the supreme court has turned down a plea

has refused a plea on deduction and

salary amid

covert 19 and the supreme court has gone

ahead and said this is a service related


and that the high court must be

approached so the petitioner

has been directed by the supreme court

to approach the high court

in this matter my colleague ashish sinha

joins us on the broadcast ashish

um what exactly are these details that

we’re getting on the broadcast

we’re learning that the supreme court

has refused to play on reduction in

salary amid kovid

and asked the petitioner to approach the

high court tell us more

yes of course supreme court today

refuses to entertain our pil seeking

course intervention

against salary cut during poverty and

says that

and the supreme court said that it’s a

service matter and the writ petition

can be cannot be entertained supreme

court asked petitioner to approach

before high court because it’s a service

petition and you can’t directly fight

in supreme court under article 32

if you want to file that means you can

file it before high court under

22.6 now petitioner has withdraw his

petition before fx code and he will file

petition before high force

okay all right help us understand what

exactly was the plea that was filed and

who exactly had

filed this plea this is a pil which is

filed by one of the individuals

he is seeking court intervention against

salary cut during the poverty pandemic

as we know there

that there are many organization and

many sectors they have

cut their employees salary uh during the

public dynamic and that’s why he filed a

petition before supreme court and

seeking a court intervention but however

supreme court today refuses to grant him

any relief

and also refuses to entertain his plea

but however could ask him to approach


a high court and he will definitely

going to file petition before high court

and it remains to be seen whether high

court will entertain this

kind of plea or not for more such videos

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here is a question that a lot of people

are looking for an answer to

what is the quad or the quadrilateral


it dominated the headlines all of this

week nikai asia for example announced

the quad has come of age the diplomat

asked whether india can mould the quad

for its own gain

the voice of america said the quad is

countering china’s vaccine diplomacy

chinese mouthpiece global times called

it a publicity stunt a loose group

but what is this group all about what is

the quad

what are its objectives and why is india

part of this group

we’ll answer all these questions on this

episode of gravitas plus hello and


i’m palki sharma padhyay on your screen

is the map of the indo-pacific

it is basically a maritime space it

stretches from the indian ocean to the

west pacific ocean

these are the countries in the

indo-pacific australia bangladesh bhutan

brunei cambodia fiji india indonesia

japan laos malaysia

the maldives myanmar nepal new zealand

papua new guinea

the philippines singapore sri lanka

taiwan thailand timor-leste the united

states and vietnam

what’s the one thing most of these

countries have in common

a dispute with china these countries

have trade disputes

and these countries have territorial


all with china the dragon’s designs have

jeopardized security in the indo-pacific

china has refused to respect

internationally accepted maritime laws

challenged the rules-based order claimed

some islands

built artificial ones basically china

has become a threat to peace in the

indo-pacific and this is where the quad

comes in

its prime objective now is to contain

china the quad began

as an ad hoc grouping in the year 2004.

this was after the indian ocean tsunami

more than two lakh people had died then

across 14 countries it was one of the

deadliest natural disasters in history

india the united states japan and

australia came together to form

the tsunami core group these four

countries contributed over 40

000 troops humanitarian responders

dozens of helicopters

cargo ships and transport planes the

group of four worked toward tsunami

relief and reconstruction

the group did not issue any communique

or create a secretariat

when its purpose was solved the group

was dissolved

this new style of diplomacy impressed

the world cut to 2006

inspired by the success of the

quadrilateral template former president

of japan shinzo abe proposed

an arc of freedom and prosperity a group

meant to promote freedom

and the rule of law soon then indian

prime minister manmohan singh visited


india and japan issued a joint statement

the two countries expressed their

eagerness to begin

a dialogue with like-minded countries in


pacific region in 2007 u.s vice

president dick cheney signaled interest

in a quad dialogue

in april 2007 shinzo abe visited india

one month later the first meeting of the

initial quad was held

this was on the sidelines of the asean

regional forum in manila

in september 2007 japan and australia

joined the

u.s india malabar exercises china became


it began voicing concerns about the quad

it was being called

an asian nato protests and hesitations


soon the quad crumbled one decade later

in 2017 the stage was once again set

for the quad to return india and the u.s

had signed the lemur india and japan

had signed the civil nuclear cooperation


japan had permanently joined the malabar

exercises xi jinping was in power and

under him china was more aggressive than


it had engaged india in the doklam

standoff ticked off japan by increasing

coast guard activity near the senkaku


bribed several australian politicians

and was caught doing so

so in 2017 when shinzo abe returned to

power he wasted no

time in calling for a democratic


diamond aka quad 2.0

representatives from four countries met

in manila in november 2017.

this time there was little hesitation in

standing up to china

foreign ministers of the quad met thrice

between 2019 and 2021

and then came the march 12th summit

i would have called it historic but

knowing just how often we misuse that


i’ll instead call it a landmark summit

the leadership of india the united

states japan and australia met

virtually on the agenda was development

wuhan virus vaccination cooperation in

the indo-pacific climate change and


and chain management they even released

a joint statement this was a first

it was called the spirit of quad here’s

something interesting

the document not for once mentions china

but it carefully outlines the group’s

plans of containing china

together we commit to promoting a free

open rules-based order rooted in

international law to advance

security and prosperity and counter


to both in the indo-pacific and beyond

we support the rule of law

freedom of navigation and overflight

peaceful resolution of disputes

democratic values and territorial


every word points at china without

mentioning it

the joint statement goes on to say we

are committed to leveraging our


to help the world’s most dynamic region

respond to historic crisis

so that it may be the free open

accessible diverse and thriving


we all seek now the question is

how do they take it beyond words will

the quad be effective against chinese


militarily speaking it is far more


just look at the numbers china’s

military personnel 3.36 million the quad

7.78 million this is after taking into


the active personnel the reserve and the

paramilitary if you consider just the

active personnel

the numbers look like this china 2.19

million the quad 2.93 million

but it’s not so cut and dried war does

not always have to be fought militarily

trade and commerce today are just as


three out of four quad countries have

already banned chinese telecom giant

huawei from the 5g race

huawei remember was supposed to be

china’s stairway to tech dominance

india has banned more than 220 chinese

apps the ban on tick-tock alone is

expected to cost china six billion


these are small steps that have a big

cumulative impact

my point is wars today do not

necessarily involve the army

wars can also be waged on a country’s

soft power the quad knows this

way too well why else do you think the

four member countries decided to strike

china’s vaccine diplomacy

during the summit the quad members spoke

about wuhan virus vaccines

they promised to deliver 1 billion doses

to the indo-pacific by 2022.

china wants to buy global support

through vaccine diplomacy the quad is

countering that

they’re pulling in america’s technology

japanese finance

india’s production capacity and

australia’s logistics capability

it is also focusing on new age

technology we know how

china loves that sector so how has china

reacted to all of this

the spokesperson for the chinese foreign

ministry said we hope

that relevant countries will keep in

mind common interests of the regional

countries and uphold the principle

and do things for regional peace

stability prosperity

rather than the opposite right after the


global times published this article it

said the fundamental reason for these

four countries to unite

is not because of their so-called

democratic values but geopolitics

they’re unwilling to see china’s rise

and are afraid of china’s strength

china sees the quad as a threat to its

expansionism and that’s no surprise

but what’s funny is that the dragon was

lecturing india

on democracy in this article add it to

your reading list

under the comedy section we say now you

know what the quad is

so let’s move on to the next question

what’s in it for india

a lot it can secure a permanent seat at

the united nations security council with

the help of the quad

it can upgrade its defense manufacturing


become a major blue economy seek

economic cooperation become atanibar

and shape the changing world order but

india needs to strike a balance

new delhi must keep in mind that its

engagement in the quad does not

jeopardize its standing

in the brics or the sco and china


is a member of both these groupings

there are challenges before the quad too

it cannot reduce itself to being an

anti-china grouping

the challenge before the quad is to get

china to behave itself

without fighting it militarily will it

be able to do so

for now the members seem confident