this is gmn


I have black pink hair

here for their us morning TV debut their

songs have billions with a B of views

online and their fans are loyal enough

to spend the all night long in the cold

waiting for a chance just to see them

they’re gonna perform live in just a

moment don’t worry but first I want to

welcome Jenny Rose a lisa ng sue thanks

for being with us I mean it’s gotta be

pretty overwhelming you’re first of all

welcome to New York you’ve never been to

New York before right what do you think

of Times Square it’s amazing your thing

right next to it and we’re just excited

to be here and see everyone and yeah

yeah and you got the snow out here and

everything all for you so your your fans

are called the blinks and we have some

links here

they’re called blinks so if it’s

actually like a shortened version of

like our name as well like black pink

like the blinks I love it okay and by

the way someone just had a birthday who

is that thank you so much um so after

work last night we just had like dinner

at the four of us it was that a really

nice Italian restaurant I loved seeing

you all together and you had a big

announcement too last night you dropped

some big news a North American tour tell

us about it and we’re starting in April

and they’re very very excited for it and

yes it’s finally happening it’s amazing

because I mean you have so many fans

here and this is the first time you’ve

been to New York and you’re bringing

your incredible band to America why do

you think it’s time why is the u.s.

ready for black pink so we recently we

recently got invited to perform at

Coachella which was unbelievable and

we’re really really excited and I guess

we thought that it would just be the

right timing to kick off us to LA and

yeah I think it’s a good decision I

think it’s the right time I think

everyone here is ready for some more of

black well hey there GMA fans Robin

Roberts here thanks for checking out our

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got to be what black pink their song to

do to do has nearly 660 million views on

YouTube pretty good right they’re

performing a live for the first time

ever on US television everyone here is

black pink









with a base jump is another bag


















our next guests are the most popular

all-female group in the

vast realm of music known as k-pop their

debut album is titled

the album joining us from seoul south

korea jisoo jenny lisa and rosa

blackpink hello ladies

thank you for being with us

wow i do but i’ll we’ll keep it in

english for the rest of this interview

just for our u.s viewers thank you so

much for uh

for being uh with us i’ve never actually

spoken to

anyone from south korea on video chat

before and

i know you are very very popular are you

even able to leave your homes

or would you get mobbed by fans


i mean just as long as we’re well

covered up yeah as long as we’re

not obvious as long as we don’t go

around like this

yeah so do you ever go out in disguises

i know masks are probably good but um do

you ever wear a

hat uh maybe a mustache or a beard or

something like that

yeah it’s a big secret but

we do wear like hats and hoodies to

cover up we try to kind of like dress

really like manly and just like tough

yeah sure that’s what i do too

your fans are known as blinks is that a

name that they gave themselves

or did you guys come up with that name

for them

we actually came up with the name when

we made the name black pink

right away so yeah why did you decide to

call the band black pink

what does that represent um black pink

is we kind of felt like those two colors

represented us the most because

we’re very girly but at the same time

we’re very

savage too so it’s like we have a song

called pretty savage and it’s kind of

kind of

like kind of goes with black pink and so

we thought it described

us the best i was told that jisoo

doesn’t speak as much

english as as the rest of you jisoo

what is your favorite word in english

oh my favorite english

sentence is that’s a pity

oh that’s a pity oh yeah

can i tell you something my favorite

phrase in spanish

is ke lastima which means what a pity


there’s a documentary that your fans i’m

sure have watched

a hundred times over on netflix about

you and it’s very interesting

because you uh go to a school an academy

where you train to sing and dance and


they choose the students that excel

and then they put you in this group


it’s kind of like like a like a hogwarts

a harry potter

or an x-men type of situation in that


do you learn is it just about performing

or are you learning

history and math and all the other

boring things that

we have to learn we well that’s the

thing i think i was personally really

excited that we got to get rid of all


in my opinion annoying subjects but

in the long run i mean it would have

been nice if we were educated that way


mainly it’s all about um just


then also like we have languages

and we did like sessions for um

like how to yeah

we had like we had a lot of language

like we had to learn like


very impressed

last year you became the first female

k-pop group to

uh play coachella which uh for those who

don’t know is a big

music festival here in the california

desert is that something you knew like

is coachella something that people get

excited about

in south korea definitely yeah anybody

who loves music

in korea would would love to go to

coachella as like a dream wish

and for us as a trainee you know we

would search on internet

um for the performance videos and like

who’s gonna be

on the lineup and yeah it was one of the

most exciting

parts like as a trainee to watch those

stages so

lisa did you meet anybody there that

you’re excited to meet because i know

there are many

performers and celebrities there at


me yes um yeah jayden actually jaden


smith oh jaden smith oh wow how about


and it was his dad with him do you know

about his dad

oh his dad was there okay yeah did you

know his dad was a rapper before

um before he became a big movie star

did you know about um not actually but

yeah i saw him rap on the stage and i

was like oh my god

he was the fresh prince he was a fresh

prince of bel air

he did the song parents don’t understand

that could be a good song for you guys

to cover because i think that’s


uh chohanko mai hananju

i love adio it’s like getting twisted a

little bit towards the end

your album which i have here is called

the album now

were you guys working so hard in school

that you

that you just didn’t have time to come

up with a title for the album


no we had like a bunch of ideas but at

the end of the day we knew that our fans

were waiting

so much for our album that we just you


we decided to go with something that

just described it the best yeah

black pink the album sounded just

straightforward cardi b

is one of the artists uh on your album

do you know cardi b

uh yeah we used to listen to a song all

the time and we were such a big

fan so when we heard that she was gonna


a part of our album we just started

screaming and like jumping up and down

yeah it’s so exciting

you know the song

you do it all the time

all right we’re going to take a break

and you guys are going to do a

performance for us

what song are you going to sing for us

tonight we’re gonna be doing

our title song from the album lovesick


love sick girls all right

there they are blackpink the album we’ll

be right back with music from blackpink

thank you ladies

hi i’m jimmy kimmel if you want to see

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This is probably the first time

my sister’s ever been exposed.

Are you ready to answer these questions for me?

Oh, my God, okay.

My sister is four years older than me.

We actually all used to live in Australia together,

and then I came to Korea.

But she came to Korea– how long has it been?

Like, two year– two or three–

Three years? She is doing very, very well

and I’m very proud of my sister.

YouTube channel?

I think so. That would have been funny.

I was actually pretty active and I had a lot of interest in,

like, all those famous YouTubers back then.

Like influencer.


Oh, my God. Okay, so…

Yeah, literally.


Oh, my gosh. “Bleeding Love.”

I could sing that from, like, top to bottom.

Like, sing my heart out.

Alicia Keys. Yeah, all the anthems.

Yeah, I used to eat a lot,

and then I think I still do.

Yeah, I love eating.

Oh, my God. No, it’s my thumb. It’s my thumb. Yeah.

Oh, my God.

But I like annoying people with it

’cause I know they hate it.

I just keep doing it.

All right, Alice, thank you for answering my questions

and exposing me so nicely about myself,

and I will see you in a bit.

– Bye. Thank you. – Bye.