I’ve heard that you have a hole in your head from one of your stunts. Is that true?

Well I was doing a Yugoslavia jump on the tree yeah and their tree break, huh, then I try to prep my mother tree you break.. break.. break.. break.. and the Yugoslav cameraman was holding a camera like this

yeah if he put down a camera just push

me a little bit yeah I think I would be

safe right who went when he see my four

he put let the camera run away I was so

lucky I know how to floor yeah I fall

like this boom yeah on Andy yes if I

fall I did yeah gone gone that’s not

full like this right just just tiny

punch boom then I get out my backpack

the bottom yeah if a hat that I think

I’m dying right if you head first but

you make sure the head hit second okay

then is your injury I don’t know I get

up they said don’t get up then I then

sat on there I hear my ear poo the blood

comes out Oh Dan done and the hose here

you had a hole in your head two finger

two fingers yeah take these two fingers

I’m Bo I’m bowling with Jackie Chan

oh my god yes yes yes yes yes open like

this like yeah and take the bow bow bow

put the prostate I don’t know probably

put the prostate in L glass plastic

throw plastic I’m sorry have a second

says Yugoslavian doctor


cow you gotta get closer next time you

gotta get closer so that I’m really

ready to go anyway that but you’re okay

now that they put bone in there is some

plastic you’re okay yeah I’m okay no

just when I hear some hi hi boys

my hear my ears get hurt then what are

you doing on this show I’ve got the most

annoying poisoned television nice

audience yes they’re very nice




why haven’t we seen more of you two

together it’s a pairing it really is

it’s a match made in heaven

no Jackie Chan yes Jeff Chan yeah

I haven’t done that once I’m very good

my hands I’m going Jackie Chan I’m not

doing it because is it true that

everyone just goes Jackie Chan yeah I

really hate that yeah whatever I going

on you’re of America especially the

father bear children yeah why why nobody

see Robert DeNiro there’s a Robert De

Niro Wow

Dustin Hoffman one day one day I hope

people wow that’s a Jackie Chan I’m

trying I’m trying to respect myself

you just come from the the Cannes Film

Festival yeah

do you enjoy things like that are they

fun or is it just that business the

whole thing but those big events the

coral the you know potatoes red carpet

things and do you enjoy them do you like

doing no no I can’t do any of that I’m

really calm but I’ve seen you I did go

well have you want a red carpet I don’t

think so

no have you see you show up at things

not much to be honest but you’ve done

posh things you you’ve mixed with what

you’ve met the Queen haven’t you I have

met the Queen yes I have a queen Adam I

think it was a one of those receptions

for people in the arts you should have

been there yeah I’m well you know what I

was amazed at with the Queen she’s very

tiny which is something for me today cuz

I’m quite short and she moves as if on

rollerblades that there’s no actual

walking see I don’t know what’s going on

under there hands to where you are the

group where you are for a start you have

to you have to tussle with that whole

idea of will you curtsy wait your coats

will you curtsy and I decided before no

look curtseying it’s no I’m not going to

bow down before right I’m not going to

and then immediately you do

you revolting and then of me I mean and

then and then the Queen says a smoke

there was a group of that four of us

around her and she says a very small

thing you know so are you enjoying the

evening and everybody goes like this

like eager to please don’t want to be

beheaded or something I’m sure my

singlet she’s a great comedian or


in Hong Kong I remember and a long long

time ago my my English so bad in that

time I remember when Queen raised your

hand you use your hand otherwise you’re

standing here blah blah blah blah blah

and you write what your royal highness

yes yeah yeah I didn’t have the room

you’re right highness your highness

Dennis what we playing around

Oh Queens come in please come in here

then I see the Queen stop stop stop

so quick okay then when she come with

your area immediately

you immediately bow

she stands still standing there people


she keep talking to me my hat is empty

she talking about




of course I’m so happy just tending here

more than like a three minute five

minutes but I just don’t come with me

talk to me anymore

answer back I’m sorry did the Queen go

Chucky jack





your body your body has gone through a

lot over the years is there anything

that you haven’t broken week I got a

chart we made this up

you’ve broken everything on you not that

mostly people are jacking you breaking

every bone in your body and not everyone

but I can say every inch from the hat to

my toes scratch blues

yes but pong little bit like I have a

hole in my head a little bit

that’s a hope for your finger oh hell no

never hold a card pack broken broken

he’s gone jaws a chick broken broken

broken crack crack crack crack

we’re broken broke broken angle or more

just not everything broken but square

yeah yeah but what can you do in the old

day when Hong Kong we are not enough

money to do two to have special effect

or computer work graphic I don’t know oh

we just jump to the building jump jump

to the car job oh yeah

I remember I tell the story many times

ago I remember one day I am meeting with

a Steven Spielberg Wow Steven Spielberg

one how can I start the conversation

then I Steven Spielberg for me he’s a

god you know all the movie he made and I

was sitting in the the the the meeting

room the door was open

he coming he’s just working I said Wow

big fan big fan and I have a question

what question how can you make the

dinosaur human with the camera move the

camera doesn’t move okay okay you can

stop the camera now you can frame by

frame but move is difficult jack is so

easy no computers I just do this do this

can I ask you a question I said what how

you jump from here to there as a more

easy rolling action John Hospital

the button the button for me so

difficult the button for me you give me

a machine ur cannery I don’t know which

button but job easy will Qatar unlike

Iran I really do